This Week on Major League Soccer Talk

  • Podcast Interview with Peter Wilt regarding the Chicago Red Stars and the history of the Chicago Fire: LATE MONDAY
  • Preview of Puerto Rico’s CONCACAF semi-final clash with Cruz Azul: TUESDAY
  • MLS Western Conference Preview: WEDNESDAY
  • MLS Eastern Conference Preview: THURSDAY
  • A Look Around CONCACAF: FRIDAY

Thank you for your continued patronage of Major League Soccer Talk. As the new MLS, WPS and USL seasons begin and the US National Teams continue to compete as the highest levels of international football, we will continue to make this your one stop shop for hard hitting analysis on all things soccer in America.

7 thoughts on “This Week on Major League Soccer Talk”

  1. Just wanted to talnk you for all the work you’re doing. I’m a regular reader/listener and appreciate the thoughtful insight into US Soccer and MLS/USL.

  2. How about mentioning the utter idiocy of MLS in denying a potentially major revenue stream from Canada by not allowing us to watch TFC in all their games on Match Centre? Any game that will be televised on any of their channels that we don’t get on cable in Canada (you need satellite to get any of them) will be blacked out. Sheer brilliancy. Sportsnet better be getting a national tv contract, this is absolute garbage.

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