Fergie Is A Sore Loser


Read through the following news headlines from this past weekend that I handpicked. Enjoy.

  • Humiliated Sir Alex Ferguson Laments Scheduling(The Times). Fergie shows what a sore loser he is after the Liverpool match by refusing to be interviewed by Sky Sports because of the early Saturday afternoon kick-off. For all the praise Ferguson gets, he can be very childish. First, the ban on BBC. And now this.
  • The Perfect Penalty (Sky Sports). A Liverpool professor has used technology to figure out how footballers can ensure 100% accuracy when taking penalties.
  • Nike Kit Designer Interview(True Colours). John Devlin provides an eye-opening interview with one of Nike’s kit designers and finds out what goes into making a football shirt.
  • The Return of Pitch Invasion(Pitch Invasion). Blogger Tom Dunmore has brought Pitch Invasion back after a hiatus. It’s definitely a site I recommend bookmarking or subscribing to.
  • Win A Free Pair of Adidas Predator Soccer Boots(EPL Talk). There’s just over one week to go before the EPL Talk contest ends, so be sure to enter as soon as possible.
  • 10 Football Games You Can Play In Your Own Home(Some People Are On The Pitch). Most of you are familiar with Subbuteo either from your own experiences or reading old British bloggers like myself reminsicing about it, but SPAOTP blogger Chris Oakley takes it a step further by examining nine other popular football games that you may not be familiar with.

4 thoughts on “Fergie Is A Sore Loser”

  1. Ok.. Gerrard’s overrated, Downing’s bad for England, The Premier League’s not a League, and Sir Alex is a whining sore loser… lot’s of negativity here lately.

  2. I suppose the most prolific winners are all sore losers, but Ferguson definitely is a terrible loser. I cannot believe that he suggested Utd were the better team on Saturday, what a complete nutter.

  3. i cant believe anyone wastes any time listening to what fergie says.. the fact that anyone listens is the only reason he says it. to get some sort of reaction. its like when players or agents say things around the time of a transfer. you are being played if you even give it a moments thought. the story is all about fergie when his players got beat 4-1 at home. and im a united supporter

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