Man United 1-4 Liverpool: Premier League Title Race Is Back On


This has to be one of the best weeks in Liverpool’s history under Rafa Benitez. After beating Real Madrid so convincingly during mid-week in the Champions League, the Reds did the unthinkable today by thrashing Manchester United 4-1 at Old Trafford.

The Premier League title race is back on.

Liverpool’s win takes Benitez’s side to within 4 points of Manchester United. However, Sir Alex Ferguson’s side has a game in hand.

The performance today by Manchester United was lackluster and missing creativity and speed up front. For once, Fergie got the tactics wrong. Instead of going for the jugular in the first half, his side were too cautious. In the beginning of the second half, Man United’s display improved as it was Liverpool’s turn to sit back and take on wave after wave of United’s attack.

But for United, it was poor performances by Patrice Evra and Nemanja Vidic that allowed Liverpool to romp to victory. Vidic was guilty of letting Torres get past him for Liverpool’s first goal. Evra chopped down Steven Gerrard late in the first half, which resulted in a penalty converted by the Liverpool captain. The third goal resulted from Vidic pulling down Gerrard outside the box when Vidic was the last defender back. And the fourth goal for Liverpool came out of nowhere with Andreas Dossena lobbing the ball over Edwin van der Sar and into the back of the net.

To me, the man of the match was Alan Wiley. The Premier League referee had the balls to award a penalty against Manchester United at Old Trafford. The last time that happened was in November when Hull City were awarded a penalty, which was converted by Geovanni. Wiley was correct to award the penalty to Liverpool. He also made the correct decision to award the first penalty to Manchester United after Pepe Reina brought down Ji-Sung Park. And the decision to award a free kick and red card Nemanja Vidic was the right one. Alan WIley may not be the most popular man in Manchester tonight, but he deserves a lot of praise for being calm under pressure and making the right calls.

With two months left in the season, here are the matches that both teams have remaining in the league:

  • Manchester United: Fulham (a), Aston Villa (h), Sunderland (a), Wigan (a), Portsmouth (h), Tottenham (h), Middlesbrough (a), Man City (h), Arsenal (h), Hull City (a).
  • Liverpool: Aston Villa (h), Fulham (a), Blackburn (h), Arsenal (h), Hull City (a), Newcastle United (h), West Ham (a), West Brom (a), Tottenham (h).

As you can see, the title is anyone’s to play for and don’t forget Chelsea who are finding their form at just the right time.

What are your impressions from today’s victory by Liverpool over Manchester United? Did Alan Wiley make the correct decisions? Can Man United still go on to win the league? Click the comments link and share your feedback.

16 thoughts on “Man United 1-4 Liverpool: Premier League Title Race Is Back On”

  1. More importantly the way Arsenal is playing right now, it’s going to be tough for Villa to hang on to 4th. Hopefully Villa can do it, but I am losing faith.

  2. All three major decisions from Wiley were correct, but they were also very obvious and I’d hope that any EPL would get them right.

  3. this is really a great result for the premiership. This just could kick to the teeth of United in their pursuit of quintuple. Did I believe in that? Nahh…

    Great performance from Liverpool …
    Chelsea is lurking behind them .. and the match is still there to win…
    Can this match see a United blip?

    Chelsea all the way!

  4. So I guess the penalty that Hull City got at Old Trafford back on November 1st does not count anymore? I think it is so funny the impression everyone has the Old Trafford is the toughest place for opposition penalties. How about we look at actual facts as good old Rafa likes to say. In Premier League play only over the last 5 years, here is how many penalties given to the opposition against big 4 clubs:

    Old Trafford – 6
    Stamford Bridge – 3
    Emirates/Highbury – 3
    Anfield – 2

  5. Scott bringing the facts, I like it. As for Kartik’s comments, you have to think Villa are now shaking in their boots. Arshavin makes a world of difference, the Gunners now have a joker in the deck, someone they can utilize in the league and in the FA Cup. Not to mention the return of Walcott, he was absolutely electric today, MOTM. Song and Denilson finally playing with some confidence. With Cesc and Ade returning, i could see the Arsenal being the best team in the league down the stretch.

  6. Dano, sorry about that. I’ve been sick with the flu the last few days, so I must have been in a medication haze when I wrote that. I’ll fix it momentarily. Thanks Scott for the catch about the Hull penalty. Looks like my research missed that one, but you have to admit that it is rare to see an opposition side be awarded a penalty at Old Trafford.

    The Gaffer

  7. Hull is my team so for me that was an easy one to catch.

    There is no doubt it is rare occurrence for any big 4 side to have a penalty awarded against them at home. I just get tired of the fact that everyone talks about it at Old Trafford but not at any of the other Big 4 sides. United have conceded twice as many penalties at home over the last 5 EPL seasons as have Chelsea and Arsenal and three times as many as have Liverpool. Where is the outcry about teams never getting penalties at Anfield?

  8. To say the title race is back on is ludicrous.

    Lets assume Manchester United win their next game(we are assuming they will considering their performance against Fulham throughout this season) that puts Manchester United 10 points in front.

    If Liverpool lose 3 games out of the remaining 9 United would have only need to win 3 of their remaining 9 games to capture the title.

    United are almost certainly the title winners this year a shallow victory won’t change that. This the Premier League not the Champions League consistency is more important than a one off victory.

  9. Man U seemed tired today. Fergie may have known that and when he got the lead he wanted to just slow the game down. Rafa forced an up tempo game which ManU could not match. for all it’s depth of personal does Rafa’s rotation seem stronger then ManU’s depth? That maybe the question to ask today. Who can recover quicker after a massive midweek fixture?

    The answer to that may decide who wears the crown! Stay tuned.

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