Questions Please for Setanta, GolTV and NetResult

sportel-americaOn Tuesday, EPL Talk will be hitting the road to Miami to attend the SportelAmerica Conference. It’s the event of the year where the major sports leagues and TV networks meet to negotiate the rights to TV and new media. The Premier League will be there. So too will the Bundesliga and Major League Soccer. Plus, ESPN, Fox Soccer Channel, Setanta Sports, GolTV and others will be attending.

I’ll be twittering live from the event as well as recording interviews for the EPL Talk Podcast. I have interviews lined up with the following companies thus far (with more to come), so let me know if you have any specific questions you’d like me to ask:

  • Setanta Sports (Shane O’Rourke)
  • GolTV (Enzo Francescoli)
  • NetResult (Christopher Stokes) — the company that handles takedown notices for sites in violation of illegally showing game highlights
  • Keir Radnedge — former editor of World Soccer Magazine, and accomplished author

Feel free to post the questions in the comments section. If I ask your question, I’ll mention your name on-air in the next EPL Talk Podcast episode. I’ll also try to see if there’s someone from Fox Soccer Channel available to answer questions, too. Plus, I’m sure I’ll be conducting several impromptu interviews as well as reporting on this blog on any of the breaking news stories.

This year’s SportelAmerica Conference will be even more interesting than usual. Reason being is that Fox Soccer Channel, ESPN and Setanta Sports are bidding for the Premier League TV and broadband rights for the 2010-2013 seasons and a decision is expected within the next few weeks. With the Premier League being at the conference, it’s a safe bet that there’ll be some interesting discussions and negotiations going on behind the scenes.

Listen to the EPL Talk Podcast episode from SportelAmerica two years ago.


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