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MLS 2009: Good Buy/Bad Buy Part II

shalrie joseph MLS 2009: Good Buy/Bad Buy Part II


SHALRIE JOSEPH                  New England             $450,000

Joseph along with the underpaid and under appreciated Steve Ralston has been the heart and soul of the Revs for many years. A skillful and yet hard nosed footballer, Joseph has shown not all holding midfielders have to be Chris Armas tough or Demo Kovelenko rough to be useful. Not bad for a player reared in the maligned American college system.


JUSTIN MAPP                     Chicago               $255,000

MLS has some very bad habits when it comes to US Internationals. One of these habits is to reward long term contracts based on potential while letting serviceable Americans move to Europe without receiving a transfer fee. The other bad habit we will discuss in our commentary about Bobby Convey.

Mapp as a left sided midfielder has had some nice games with the Fire, but has never come close to fulfilling the potential that made him one of the most exciting young American players a few years back.


DARREN HUCKERBY           San Jose                    $385,000

Passion, experience and football savvy describe Huckerby. The Norwich City legend and former Premier League man is versatile and has more football in his legs at 32. Huckerby a Premier League footballer at Leeds and Manchester City as well as for a season with the Canaries brings the qualities of a Premiership player without the baggage of so many Englishmen previously signed by this league.


BOBBY CONVEY                     San Jose                      $244,000

MLS has another bad habit with American players: Allowing Americans of potential use to the national team rot away on the bench of second tier European sides and then overpaying them when their contract expires. This is both bad business and bad for the development of the US National Team. Convey is the poster child for this morally bankrupt MLS policy.

Convey needed to be rescued from England a year and half ago at the latest. His game, once so promising had clearly regressed. Injuries and a bad attitude have been the hallmark of Convey for sometime now. Yet he’s been rewarded with a salary almost of almost $100,000 more a season than the league’s all time assist leader, Steve Ralston.

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6 Responses to MLS 2009: Good Buy/Bad Buy Part II

  1. Lawerence says:

    $244,000 for Convey?

    Half that much would still be a bad buy.

    Why does MLS do things like this?

    Did you know Kenny Cooper only makes like a 100k??????????????????

  2. Thomas Skull says:

    That would make Justin Mapp in the top 5% of MLS salaries.

    Does anyone believe he is really one of the top five players in the league?

  3. elopingcamel says:

    Does Convey bring something else to the table that Ralston might not? Don’t get me wrong, cause I love Ralston. I’m just wondering if they saw Convey as someone whose jerseys might sell better or something monetary like that. That is the only reason to drop cash on a player whose contributions on the field don’t match up to someone else who is making much less.

  4. Warren says:

    “Does Convey bring something else to the table that Ralston might not?”

    Bobby Convey’s constant injury troubles bring good business to practicing medical doctors in the local area.

  5. Cavan says:

    “Convey is the poster child for this morally bankrupt MLS policy.”

    While you are spot on with the analysis of the the practical business application of this transaction, I wouldn’t say it’s “morally bankrupt.” Perhaps a bit fiscally imprudent. Kicking a puppy would be something that’s morally bankrupt.

  6. eplnfl says:

    Mapp, is ok for the price. does he have a upside we have not seen. Yes indeed. Can he still be better. Of course. Remember, with a full year of Blanco and McBride he just may be the one to benefit the most.

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