Champions League Tuesday Scores

champions league logo1 Champions League Tuesday Scores

Madrid Feel  “El Chorreo” At Casa De Anfield

Liverpool 4-0 Real Madrid
LIV: Torres (16′), Gerrard (27′ pk, 47′), Dossena (88′)
LIV adv. on 5-0 agg.

Drogba and Essien Are Money- Again

Juventus 2-2 Chelsea

JUV:  Iaquinta (18′), Del Piero (74′)

CHE:  Essien (45′+1′), Drogba (83′)

CHE adv. on 3-2 agg.

Big Basque Leads Villarreal To Quarters

Panatinaikos 1-2 Villarreal
PAN: Mantzios (55′)
VIL: Ibagaza (49′), Llorente (70′)
VIL adv. on 3-2 agg

Bayern Scores Only Touchdown Of The Game

Bayern Munich 7-1 Sporting BAY:  Podolski (6′, 33′), Anderson Polga (33′), Schweinsteiger (42′), Van Bommel (73′), Klose (82′), Müller (89′)                                                                                                                                      SPO: João Moutinho (41′)                                                                                                     BAY adv. on 12-1 agg.

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