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This is it. After months of foreplay, the Champions League finally comes down to one of the most exciting stages of the tournament — the second leg of the first knockout round. Over the next 48 hours, we’ll witness which eight teams will qualify for the quarter-finals of the illustrious tournament.

Over at ESPN, they’ve made a lot of last minute changes to the TV schedule for the Champions League games, so be sure to read through this carefully so you don’t miss a single match featuring an English team. Plus don’t forget the time change:


  • Juventus v Chelsea; Setanta Sports and ESPN 360, 3:30pm ET (replayed at 8:15pm on Setanta)
  • Liverpool v Real Madrid; ESPN and ESPN 360, 3:30pm ET (replayed at 6pm on ESPN Classic)


  • Manchester United v Inter Milan, ESPN2 and ESPN 360; 3:30pm ET
  • Roma v Arsenal, Setanta Sports and ESPN 360; 3:45pm ET (replayed at 8:15pm on Setanta)

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10 thoughts on “Champions League Schedule On US TV”

  1. Gaffer is this true/ I thought ESPN was showing Liverpool and Setanta showing Chelsea in a reversal of the first leg.??

  2. ESPN’s website still shows the Liverpool Madrid game on ESPN, will be pissed off if they change it as I’ve just got to work and have my VCR setup for to record the game on ESPN.

  3. Well, the ESPN website continues to show Liverpool v Real at 3:30pm. Unless the Gaffer has spies inside ESPN headquarters, and they’re planning the ol’ switcheroo….

  4. Liverpool match on the main ESPN channel today. That’s big league guys. Especially with the WBC going on and a ton of college basketball live at the same time. Soccer has arrived guys!

  5. For those lads who don’t have Setanta, even though it’s a day late, ESPN classic will show the Roma vs. Aresenal game, Thurday, 5:00 PM EDT on ESPN Classic. Cheers.

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