FA Cup Semi-Final Draw


And then there were five.

With one FA Cup Quarterfinal yet to be played (Arsenal v Hull City, to be played on either the 17th or 18th of March per the BBC), Sunday afternoon the FA Cup Semi-Final draw was held. Both matches will be played at Wembley Stadium April 18th or 19th for a chance at the May 30th final.

The complete draw is as follows: Arsenal or Hull City v Chelsea and Manchester United v Everton.

For Chelsea’s first Premier League opponent in the competition, a London derby is probably the last thing they wanted. Chelsea probably would have wanted face Manchester United to get rid of the demons of Scolari.  Granted that is assuming Arsenal beats Hull City (and I think they will). Everton will probably feel the most hard done by as they have to face Manchester United.

If I had to guess, Manchester United v Everton will be played on Saturday while Arsenal/Hull City v Chelsea will be moved to Sunday. As for what networks cover what games, that’s anyone’s guess.

One thing Soho Square is probably happy about is the fact we didn’t see Chelsea and Manchester United together.

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