New 09/10 Everton Home & Away Shirts Revealed


Photographs have been leaked of what are presumably the new home and away Everton shirts for the 2009-10 season. Designed by Le Coq Sportif, who are set to take over from Umbro as Everton’s official kit suppliers, the shirts feature radically different designs than what Everton currently have.

everton-retro-le-coq-sportifThe home shirt pictured is a modern tribute to Everton’s Le Coq Sportif home shirt (pictured right) from the 1983-85 seasons. In those incredibly successful seasons for Everton, the club won the FA Cup in 1983-84, the English First Division title in 1984-85 and the European Cup Winners Cup trophy in 1984-85.

Just like the 1983-85 shirt, the new Everton shirt features a distinctively white V-neck.

Everton’s new away shirt, meanwhile, is black with pink trim and features a classic collar.

Whether both of these designs will end up being the final football shirts for Everton is unknown at this time. But, if these shirts are the ones that will be released ths summer, what are your thoughts about them? Personally I think they’re both perfect. The home shirt has a retro significance but looks very modern. The away shirt is refreshingly different, and I’m always a big fan of black shirts.

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99 thoughts on “New 09/10 Everton Home & Away Shirts Revealed”

  1. I hope this is a wind up, the home shirt is hideous, looks like a bra and smock. Away shirt is ok but a bit fussy.

  2. The home shirt has needless white stripes down the sides, otherwise would he a nice kit. However, the away shirt is a mistake. A black kit doesnt help the our players trying to find each other on the pitch (although weve wore ‘Electric yellow’ this year at Wigan and Blackburn and still pass to anyone!).

  3. If they get rid of the white stripes down the side of the home shirt it would be very nice. Away shirt a bit strange, I can see why they’ve chosen the colour scheme of salmon-black because we used to wear that but even though I’m not keen on it now, It’ll grow on me I’m sure

  4. The home shirt is a joke. Looks like a womens halter top with a smock. Bloody Hell! The away shirt is “different” I wouldn’t be against it.

  5. home shirt is spackie lookin (old fashioned but im lovin the away one its different, even the pink doesnt put me off, id deffo buy it

  6. The home shirt is absolutely awful. There is a reason no one wears those type of collars anymore – they look hideous and scratch like f**k. The away one is ok -but pink ? Really ? Controvesial..

  7. Hahahaha! It is a wind up – no-one would were that home shirt, everyone would thing the team was pregnant! The worst designed football shirt ever! How come Everton are so poor on mechandising – who’s in charge of it?

  8. Home shirt is very poor – looks like a dress – simplify it down and release the classic 83 version. Don’t mind the black away one though.

  9. Utter garbage, the away kit looks like the shite Citeh wears, FFS can this club do anything right off the pitch????? Home shirt for fat birds and away kit for nonces

  10. The home looks OK to me. Bare in mind this is only a drawing, and the finished product would look very different. A modern take on the 1985 top, and in a way, would look very similar to the shape of Chelsea’s 2009/2010 shirt.

    The away is disgusting, and should be binned as a concept straight away.

  11. Why are we going for Le Coq Sportif rather than umbro! The City shirts this season are the worst in the league!

  12. I think the home shirt is amazing looks different and its better than the umbro shirts we have had previously every one is the same for every team they do they just change the colours around. I hope this is evertons shirt cant wait till it comes out

  13. I love the away shirt, I agree with many of the comments that if they simplified the Home shirt it would be better, but we havent seen the finished articles yet, it may look better on the flesh (So to speak), Le Coq Sportif look to be taking over at the right time! Wear them for the FA CUP final, spirit if the 80’s returns!

  14. Absolutely honking!! The designer must have been:
    (a) on drugs
    (b) on day release from a secure unit
    (c) a Liverpool fan with a twisted sense of humour
    (d) all of the above…….

  15. Wasn’t it Umbro who brought in the salmon alternates? Kind of ironic you ditch the English company to go back to pink.

    I think the pink pinned hoops look fine, but it think it’s stupid how Le Coq Sportif doesn’t extend them on the sleeves or side panels. Side panels not the end of the world, shoulders look terrible.

  16. Why cant we get Nike or adidas??I’m fed up with shity kit makers, even derby and fulham have got better than the 4th most successful club in England!AAARRRGGGH!

  17. Hope this is a wind up. they are both shit.
    Plain Royal blue shirt, white shorts and socks.
    White away shirt, blue shorts and socks
    Yellow/amber (not fluorescent!) third kit with blue shorts and socks,

    How hard is that to design?

  18. le coq sportif ? what are we doing? why cant we get nike or addidas who produce nice kits and training stuff ? which to me says we would sell more and make more much needed money, in my eyes its a big step backwards i have a 9 year old son who i have bought every home kit since he was born but i wiil definately NOT be buying this seasons absolutley terrible design and so cheap looking.big mistake choosing le coq sportif such a 1980`s company……..very dissapointed!!!

  19. i think the home shirt here is vile but on blue kipper there is a more up to date pictre with a different shirt which looks nice and an up todate picture of the home shirt whic i think doesnt look to nice i think the white triangle protruding from the collar is stupid. the away top would look good if the pink was the yellow from this years third kits instead so has some potentialbut well see last game of the season and in the final

  20. It’s a fact now that these will be the new shirts. Everton players Steven P, Saha, Howard, Cahill, Osman, Fellaini were seen getting pictures taking of them with there new kits on, apparently the training kit is much better though!

  21. Stop complaining, time we were a bit different, we change the shirt a tiny bit each season then pay another 40 quid for it. and people who say the home one is hideous, it doesnt really luk excatly lyk tht, and in real life luks alot better, here is the actual images of the prototypes,

    bluekippers the top everton fan site, so they will keep you in the know.
    just thought ad help you guys:)

  22. How is pink controversial? It’s a color. I think they both look great, home could lose the white sides though.

  23. Im sorry but,
    just because we won the fa cup and the european super cup in this similar shirt does’nt mean we will win it in this,
    the badge is hideous…
    the away shirt is diabolicol
    Hafia ? or whatever
    if i saw someone in that shirt now i really would’int no what team they support ?

  24. many people will think that the kits are a joke can we change the pink stripes to white ones on the away kit and i will wounder what the keeper and the third will look like

  25. why cant we go to nike top brand for a top club nike is more fashionable the two kits look awful its 2009 not the eightys keep the kits plain and smart wouldnt buy the two of them sack the diesgn team an whoever gives the ok at goodison sack them ask the lads outside the ground with a bit of style theyll design u a kit were evertonians top kit for a top team in fact get back to me ill design u one we could all wear with pride

  26. Why is it that now we are in our most succsesfull period in god knows how long, we seem to attract Le Coq Sportif as our shirt sponsor!!!! Something is wrong here, surely from a financial point of view the everton marketing team would go for a strong sporting brand!!! lets be honest if these shirts are what they are offering we are going to struggle even more in financial terms against the top four,

  27. it looks awful on the drawing but on that website show on the picture of the away jersey they have a photo of the new one not bad doesnt have those white stripes

  28. i gave my two year old some crayons and some paper and he came up with the same designs! he then said im not wearing that crap! get rid of the designers

  29. what is going on here we get the piss takin out of us for having no money and our ground. Now LE COQ SPORTIF who the hell or what the hell wears LE COQ SPORTIF in liverpool i am pissed rite off i buy everton training tracksuits BUT theres no way im buying a fu***ng LE COQ SPORTIF tracksuit. I fu***ng love everton but now this is beyond a joke for f**k sake pink striped shirt,like a big bunch of fairys we will look i cant take them dirty kopites across the park as it is now we have to listen to them them given us shi*e again sack the fu***ng kit man big fat pansy head

  30. I love Everton will do till the day I die !!! The kits are good so all you people moaning about who made the kits are a bit shallow ! I think what the team do on the pitch is what really counts! for those of you moaners you aint got a clue ! So be quiet and be thankfull that we are on our way back to where we truly belong! Thanks to people who truly love Everton regardless of who made the kit! As for the redneck who made the last comment ! Bring it on !

  31. I think people are getting the wrong end of the stick.
    The picture is obviously not going to look as good as the finished article.
    And, we are bringing back the glory days of the 80’s, the 80’s kit was great, and I’m sure that we’ll all be very impressed when it’s officially unveiled.
    And so what, if it’s Le Coq, what’s wrong with that, I’m just glad to be different, no-one else will have a kit like it, better than all the adidas and nike ones that are built around the same design then they just stick a badge and sponsor on.
    As for the away kit, possibly a bit risky with the colours, but they know what they’re doing, and I’m sure it will be fine also.
    Really looking forward to buying it/them, and seeing the blue boys in them next season.

  32. What is that?! You have got to be joking. If that is our kit next season, no one will buy it and no one will wear it, not even the players! An apsolute state. What are we doing for gods sake?! Trying to make ourselves look like idiots?!

  33. totally agree they are a disgrace, whoever wrote the above article needs a visit from the fashion police . both kits are total rubbish and wont sell hopefully this is a wind up and they dont use them

  34. Ok like but i wish it was better if only we had adidas it would look proper boss and the away looks a bit dodgy !

  35. the home kit is nice for a girl as a blouse or something but not for guys to be wearin and the away kit shud be burned what person in their right mind wants to wear black and pink stripes? isnt evertons colour blue? mayb black a blue stripes might be better

  36. the more I see them the more I get thinking that they are actually alright but I’m not sure about the pink stripes hmmmmmm

  37. the home shirt horrible but you know brought success in 80’s so why not and the away shirt quality i dont know what everyones problem is with it

  38. It takes a real man to wear pink ha ha
    you’s will look gorgous
    chorley blue efc
    “they are both awful plies of shite”
    At least now the jersey will suit the team!!!

  39. for heaven sake EFC wake up, my girlfriend said she would wear the home shirt but that’s it, I will stick to the old one, an the away kit looks like it’s been made by primark

  40. What the hell! I am never buying that kit. The 08/09 Man City away one was bad-this is worse. I said I’d burn the 08/09 liverpool kit but I might burn our new away one too. I wouldn’t be seen dead wearing it.

  41. your all such morones, its the 25th anniversary kit of the 85 cup winners cup team, its the same style as back then!!!! it has to be le coq sportif it has to be that design and its not so much the design but the tradition thats important! call yourself true blues most of you dont even know what happened 25 years ago against rapid wien!

  42. well said cameron.
    I like the home kit i think its well good, but the away one is pants we would look like Oldam from 93/94 season so i blame Joe Royle.
    come on the new season iam havin withdrawals already.
    Always a BLUE

  43. Well the Kits not the niecest i prefere the old one a lot better, but its not about the kit its about the team that are gonna win the league and the cup this season come o you blues and us afns need to on supporting them.

  44. The kits are ok but the fans this season are going to be on fire there going to be the best fans ever come on blue boys.

  45. Ohh The kits are ok i like the home one more than the awayone the away ones alryt for girls but not for the toffee men.

  46. What the hell is this crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A crap kit for everton and the toffees! COYB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. when it was pictured with jagielka wearing it , it look great

    hope the away kit is good reminds me a bit of man citys 08/09 away kit with the black and the coller on it

  48. im not bein funny but y cant we get adidas or nike instead of “le coq sport if” ! ! ! der both horrible and i think i speak 4 de most of de everton fans wen i say . . . . . who’s gunna buy it

  49. I would have rather the half and half kit from 85. That looked boss.
    And as for the away believe it or not folks we’ve played in pink & black a few times.
    Ah well, sod the kit anyway. COYB.

  50. I’m not a fan of the new home kit, if the white ‘V’ was a bit smaller in the same proportion as the 84/85 kit it would look better, as it stands it looks a bit like a comedy tuxedo!

    As for the away strip, I like the choice of colours, we did play in Black and Salmon Pink before we switched to Blue, so the colours are definitely Everton colours, but I’m not sure the stripes work.

  51. ive seen people wearing the new home kit and the players…looks nice i think. Hopefully the away 1 will look just as nice :) im liking the pink 😛 its good that its different this year..all clubs shirts look the same..except different colours etc.. i like it :)

  52. i think the kit is boss and …..::G R E G O::…. you dont speak for me lad and i am a true blue i go to home and away games, it dosnt matter if thay play in red as long as thay efin win!

  53. I like the away kit, nothing wrong with it. Look good with jeans and a pair of CAT’s, anyone takes the piss esp the redshite ask them how many times did they get to a cup final last year….before kicking them in the nads.

  54. I love both of them, the old glory days of the 80s and the trendy away kit lol but then again i bat 4 both sides

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