Is This Man United’s New 09/10 Away Shirt?


There have been several different versions of Man United’s new away shirt floating around the Internet, including even a video of a Photoshopped shirt.

Now a new picture of the Manchester United away shirt in question has been revealed. The retro design is on purpose. The shirt is a tribute to the 1909 shirt that Man United won the FA Cup title in 100 years ago.

The shirt features an old fashioned collar, a red V on the front and the Saudi Telecom logo who are being touted as a potential sponsor of Manchester United to replace AIG.

What are your thoughts about the new design and whether this could be the real version or not? Click the comments link below and let us know.

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78 thoughts on “Is This Man United’s New 09/10 Away Shirt?”

  1. DAM UGLY lucky i won’t be wearing this kind of jersey. and addidas nv come out this kind of terrible designs.

  2. I’d like to see the MUFC shirt that you’d pull over your head, Mr “LFC Torres”. :)

    I typically like retro shirts, but this one doesn’t do it for me, not sure why. Kudos for the understated sponsor logo though.

  3. What are you 2 muppets talking about? This tribute looks great. I hope it’s real. The advert is small and in the corner, in direct contrast to the gigantic AIG we have currently. The laces remind me of the 1992/93 home shirt, which was one of the more memerable home kits. The last time we had a “retro” kit was the green/yellow away kit, which was also class.

  4. NIke has made Retro shirts like this for a while now. I’ve seen knitted versions of this design at generic sports stores (re: stores that have a lot more NIKE stuff than Football stuff) for years, so even if this shirt exists (not a photoshop deal) It doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

    It would be fabulous if United could convince a sponsor to go with a small shirt presence, however.

  5. guys chill man its awesome at the end of the day you all support Manchester United … be proud of our history and keep your head high when you wear this … i will be 😀

  6. Ha ha ha ha, I so hope Man Ure are wearing this next season, it’s disgusting and is something else we can laugh at you cockneys about.

  7. Hope it’s real – the shirt’s fantastic and a fitting tribute to a lot of history.

    Sorry the kiddywink fans don’t appreciate it

  8. Steve – the site’s pretty dumb, the shirts still have AIG on them

    Pusan – the site very kindly gives close-ups, which show that they’ve put a country of origin that Nike never use for the United kits. To make it even more obvious, Nike have very distinctive washing labels (go on, take a look). That shirt doesn’t have them.

  9. Manchester is having contract with AIG until 2010… so I think that shirt recommended by Steve is the one that is going to be used this year. Thank you for the tip :).

  10. I like it!, it´s elegant and stylish! Very original idea.
    One more for my collection of Man U tees 😀

    Thank you!

  11. They’re using this kit for a annervisery the first ever f.a cup win in 1909 against bristol city, they won 1-0. and it is for that.

  12. omg what the hell is this kit im a thru and thru manc and im buying that and wearing it just in the house it shudnt be seen outdoors!!!! haha there goin backwrds with these desines lol

  13. Evidenly no-one knows United history if they don’t recognise the design or the significance. We still have the AIG sponsorship for 1 more season in any case, but this is a great shirt.


  15. I actually like this jersey, don’t know if it’s the retro look and the old fashioned style but I would for sure buy this jersey and love to see Manu wear it next season 😀

  16. I have seen the 2 designs that are shown here, firstly the SAudi Telecom shirt is a fake and if you go to, I think it was you can get it there, to be honest its pretty crap.

    The other shirt that Steve had a link too, is also Fake as A.I.G. released a statement to say that are ending deal, although was going to end deal at end of 09/10 season, they have had talks and United have agreed with them that will have a new sponsor for next season pulling the plug on A.I.G.

    United are in a number of talks at the moment, main one being Prudential, although there is a few at present.

  17. those look so gay i mean i love man u and i will support them no matter what but please get new jersey those are so freaking gay

  18. Hope this stays a mock up, this looks terrible, I hope that manu aren’t going down the Chelsea raod and bringing kits out that only last one season, they should stick with the two season rule for changing home and away kits kits and only use the third kit for one season,if needs be.

  19. Liverpool’s new away kit looks betta than this man untd rubbish tbh :L 😀

    i recommend all u liverpool fans get the new away top 09-10

    😀 😉 😛 :) =]

  20. Take the big V off and it’d be ok but this looks like crap!!!!! Love the sponsers being small but that V so needs to go!!!!!!!!! I hope it isn’t going to be the kit

  21. this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ugly, I Hope Man utd doesn’t wear this next year. Cmon its so weird looking

  22. Good god, sweet mother of mary!!

    I have never ever seen such a B.S like this! So the almost best team in the world are going to play in tuxido’s?

    Sorry, but this is way outta line!!!

  23. shut up all u man united fans its all about arsenal man u sucks and ass well as the kit sucks too errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

    hate manchester united

    i was sad on wednesday but i regret it because manchester sucks and i wont to live this club and travelle to ARSENAL me and tevez made a dell that we would both leave manchester next season i hope we make it tevez already waved now is my turn to wave good bye

  24. You stop complainting this is not the new 09-10 Away kit. It looks preety old and the laces r soo ugly…..I WANT TO GO BACK TO THE BLACK AWAY KIT IT LOOKED SO AWESOME

  25. nope it is fake new kit sponsor is Aon corp. saudi telecom is already an official club sponsor but not the shirt sponsor. Horrible kit

  26. ha ha ha what the hell is that? is that from the bad taste museum direct? someone is having a laugh surely. it sure as hell made me laugh. not exactly going to inspire a better away record this coming season is it really.
    no ronaldo
    no tevez
    no decent shirt
    lots of money and no dcent spending plan
    no hope

    maybe man u should content themselves with trying to finish above city next season?

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