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Is This Liverpool’s New 09/10 Away Shirt?

new liverpool away shirt Is This Liverpools New 09/10 Away Shirt?

Another picture has been leaked of Liverpool’s new away shirt for the 2009-10 season. The black away shirt with gold and red trim, is designed and manufactured by Adidas and sponsored by Carlsberg.

The new leaked picture is consistent with the other images of the new Liverpool away shirt that have been released.

The design of the new shirt is far superior to the recent away and third shirts released by Liverpool. The gray and green shirts from this season are terrible (the green, especially). And the black one looks much classier than the last black shirt Liverpool released from the 2007-08 Premier League season.

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22 Responses to Is This Liverpool’s New 09/10 Away Shirt?

  1. Rob says:

    Its a chinise fake, i can buy them now from some china site’s, all they need is a picture of it, i remember a load of tops being sold, it looked like the old crown paints kit with thin white lines about a year ago (looked better than the new one)

  2. Davo says:

    Just where are you coming from – the green shirt is the worst ! you’v’e gotta be joking – the green is far better than the grey (not gray) shirt. The grey shirt is similar to what the “REDS” wore in the days of crown paints.They look drab on the pitch! The players must detest wearing them! they are also similar to the ones that Man U dumped some years ago mid season! LFC need some better designers – the better the players feel on the pitch the better they perform ! Remember the words of Shanks to Rowdy (in RED), you’ll frighten the life out of the opposition.Grey does’n’t frighten anyone! The black looks classy!

  3. cludge says:

    The grey kits kits have always looked far better than any of the green shirts we’ve had over the years which have been awful, we should wear white with black shorts.
    This black kits could be quite classy just looking at the small picture.

  4. Brian says:

    Looks like a blatant rip off of United’s black kit from last season.

  5. Swapnil says:

    This one looks good !
    I think the green one is really good and the Grey one is the worst !

  6. Bob says:

    Brian what are you on about? The only similarity with united’s black kit is that it’s black, how is that a rip-off?!

    Anyway, there are more pics of this and it’s looking good in my opinion.

  7. PX54 says:

    if it is a real kit, i can’t see it beeing the away top as opposed to the euro away top, especially with the gold trim. The again just looks like the current keeper top with short sleeves and a red line sown across the sholder, changing the white to gold isn’t that hard to do either.

  8. neo says:

    the new liverpool away kit will be white this year, i have been lucky enough to see it. No pictures though its exclusive!!! Watch out for the Chelsea awat shirt, it’s a state for soar eyes. Believe me!!!

  9. Ben says:

    lol @ Brian. Doesn’t look like United’s kit

    btw does United own the colour black? lol rofl

  10. lfc says:

    what a kit its amazing iam definatly buying it

  11. scott says:

    i think all these comments on the shirts are stupid it doesnt effect how players play at all. i dont think any of the real fans will be particularly botherd what the kit looks like

  12. Frederick Lin Elliott says:

    Er, Neo, if the away shirt is`white, then what’s this strip, the 3rd shirt? And I haven’t seen any info suggesting the away is going to be white….
    Where did you get your info from……….. (no disrespect mate)??


  13. Frederick Lin Elliott says:

    oh btw, have you lads seen the man ure new home and away?………………….. what a friggin’ shocker!!!!


  14. Chris says:

    no way is that shirt the new away shirt, at best its a training shirt but probably just a copy

  15. frederick elliott says:

    chris, i think very likely it is the new away, although we’ll have to wait and see. No official confirmation or announcement has been made yet, so anything is possible. The thing is, other prem. clubs are also unveiling new club shirts for next season, albeit a tad early. Most unveiling is usually the second last, or last day of the season, so this appears genuine.
    Anyway, do you like the shirt???


  16. jonny p says:

    AWESOME…… bout time we went back 2 black !

  17. Frederick Lin Elliott says:

    hear hear. can’t wait for the official release

  18. Frederick Lin Elliott says:

    ok confirmation, it’s black and gold.


  19. aidan daggett (no.1 fan) says:

    it is the best kit out

  20. Frederick Lin Elliott says:

    Has anyone seen the new man ure kits, both home and away,………………….hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah………….sigh!
    Boy am I glad liverpool have got style when it comes to designing…..


  21. imran says:

    i say it is the best adidas style for liverpoolfc

  22. Frederick Lin Elliott says:

    Can someone find out what the new Euro away is going to look like so we can start another discussion please……..

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