Ashley Cole Can’t Keep His Mouth Shut While Liverpool Is Overpriced

So we have another Premier League footballer in trouble with the law. Chelsea defender Ashley Cole early Thursday morning decided after a night out doing charity work, that he would decide to have a little too much booze and then get into a one sided yelling match with the police. The police won when they arrested him on drunk and disorderly, letting him go after only paying an eighty pound fine.

So what does Chelsea do here? According to Chelsea’s club rules, they can fine up to two weeks wages (in Ashley Cole’s case, a nice sum of 164,000). The Times is reporting he’s been fined the max, The Sun though is saying Ashley Cole is going to be let off the hook because Hiddink doesn’t want to make an example of Cole.

The eighty pound fine from the police was probably paid in petty cash from Cole’s pocket. With the FA Cup on Saturday, Ashely wasn’t going to play. What does that mean? Well it means, depending on the source you want to believe in, Ashley Cole got away with only paying eighty quid. Maybe Fabio Capello for punishment could keep him out of the England squad for a while. Then again, that might not be punishment for someone on 82,000 a week.

The other big story involves sale talks gone bad with regards to Liverpool. It would appear that the 500 million pound price tag put on the club by Hicks and Gillett is just a little too high. High enough that the talks have come to a screeching halt.

Considering the circumstances right now, I tend to agree with the Kuwait group. The economy is atrocious, and the two co-owners don’t exactly see eye to eye. If there was any big club where you could pull off a low-ball offer, right now Liverpool is it.

So what should Liverpool go for? In this situation, I don’t see the club being sold for a penny over 350 million pounds. At that price, don’t expect the club being sold anytime soon.

Other Stories
Can Everton please catch a break? The latest player out the rest of the season is Victor Anichebe. He’ll be undergoing exploratory surgery on his right knee.

Sepp Blatter has opened his mouth again. After claiming the strength of the Premier League is damaging other domestic leagues, Blatter then stated that he has Sir Alex’s support of the 6+5 rule. I wonder if Ferguson will confirm that in public, because I haven’t seen it.

Friday is judgment day for Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson. He’ll find out from an Icelandic court if he has more time to sell West Ham United. Even then, June would be the next deadline. The problem will be finding someone who will pay 200 million for the club. Considering the situation Gudmundsson is in, he’ll be lucky to get 75.

Mark Hughes is warning Man City’s players to qualify for Europe…or else. Or else what Hughes, you’re looking for a new club while City’s owners eye up Arsene Wenger? While we know Wenger isn’t going to leave Arsenal for Manchester City, it did make Cesc Fabregas over react by saying he’d quit Arsenal if Wenger left.

Well the Stuart Attwell fallout has begun. This weekend he’ll be the fourth official between Bury and Rochdale in League Two. He’s also facing the ire of columnist. Nick Szczepanik feels that Attwell’s rapid rise has set him up for a big fall. Paul Wilson asks if Attwell is the worst referee in Premier League history?

And finally, Richard Scudamore insists that the 39th game overseas will happen. Just shut up about it please! This is one of those ideas that is fine on paper, but horrific in execution.

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