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3 Responses to Poll: Should "Exxon" Valdés Remain Barca's Number One?

  1. obscurios says:

    Get rid of Exxon Valdes and Marquez…they’re beginning to smell like merluza…That defense has got more holes than Keith Richard’s arm. Puyol needs to improve a bit too. He’s starting to look like the poorly performing illegitimate son of Fabio Cannavaro and Roger Daltry!

  2. Lawrence says:

    I cant believe a club as big as Barca cant afford a better goalkeeper. Over the years he has made countless of errors, he is not just improving. His greatest weakness is positioning. He cant just get it.

  3. Bayanda says:

    If we were to lose contention for the title, then I would really be angry with guys like Valdes making cynical errors. You would assume he’s not getting paid. My blood bleeds Barcelona and I want to win all major competitions this season and if us winning depends on Valdes spending time on the bench, then so be it!

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