3 thoughts on “Poll: Should "Exxon" Valdés Remain Barca's Number One?”

  1. Get rid of Exxon Valdes and Marquez…they’re beginning to smell like merluza…That defense has got more holes than Keith Richard’s arm. Puyol needs to improve a bit too. He’s starting to look like the poorly performing illegitimate son of Fabio Cannavaro and Roger Daltry!

  2. I cant believe a club as big as Barca cant afford a better goalkeeper. Over the years he has made countless of errors, he is not just improving. His greatest weakness is positioning. He cant just get it.

  3. If we were to lose contention for the title, then I would really be angry with guys like Valdes making cynical errors. You would assume he’s not getting paid. My blood bleeds Barcelona and I want to win all major competitions this season and if us winning depends on Valdes spending time on the bench, then so be it!

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