Marin to Leave in the Summer?


Bild is reporting that Marko Marin will leave cellar-dwelling Borussia Mochengladbach at the end of the season. This comes as little surprise, as most of us assumed that unless Gladbach escaped relegation, the wonderkid would move to greener pastures, especially with his German National team future to consider. But as he is believed to be under constant scrutiny by trainer Hans Meyer, the diminutive left-winger has grown unhappy at Gladbach and will look to move in the summer regardless of a turn in fortune.

If Meyer’s is truly causing this, it would be one of the worst cases of man-management in a long time. It can be a daunting task for a 19 year-old kid to be the leader of a club which has been unable to detach itself from its history. Pressuring him out of the club could be a harsh blow for the club if they return to the Zweite.

Meanwhile, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Bayer 04 are all reportedly waiting in the wings to pounce on the kid should he push to leave. However, we all know that the major player in this drama will be Bayern Munich, when push comes to shove, especially if Frank Ribery leaves in the summer. At the moment, Voller and Bayer seem to be considered the favorites to land him, but since Tranquillo Barnetta has been such an outstanding player for the Werkself this season, it begs the question “what is his future, if Marin is being considered?”.

While there is a part of me that would love to see Marin and Kroos develop together next year under Bruno Labbadia, in reality such things are better left to FM. I want him to move if Gladbach can’t turn this around, but I would prefer him to stay if they survive. But even if he moves, I want him to go where he will play. He’s too good to be sub.

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  1. Strange things going on at Gladbach (Not for the first time after some high hopes return to BL on their part, mind) but who knows what’s causing them. For sure Meyer is quite a character and maybe he has become to old or something, too.

    At the moment a lot actually does look like Gladbach is going to be relegated. Right now it’s really hard to single out a team that is actually unsuccesful and not playing any good at all, not even Gladbach. (Won’t drag Schalke and Bremen into a relegation discussion allthough they do not play good and are not succesful in BL atm) But everybody else, from Cottbus to Bielefeld and Hanover seems to win more crucial games, make more succesful turn arrounds and score in 6pointers often enough to move away from relegation zone.
    But then, relegation zone is also moving with them =)

    Marin would probably fit well in a lot of teams. Just for the Leverkusen thing there are are the points I raised earlier about Toni Kroos and Bayer already having a looot of creativity in their midfield. And then there is the thing that got started by Rene Adler this week when he basically said that they have great players but not enough fighters and this being their big problem, having a wrong team mix.

    He got smacked up for it by Voeller like the second the interview was on air but there is prbl some truth to it. Bringing me back to Marin, who as a 19year old creative midfield might-be genius doesn’t change the team mix all that much towards fighting.
    Also one more thing, Voeller has one of the highest standings in German football and with Bayer Leverkusen but sometimes his remarks and especially reactions to what someone else might have said are way off. All emotionally concentraded on fighting back and not stoping to think about the actual argument that’s been raised. Actually that might just be his best quaslification for the post as BM manager, which he has been written into by some newspapers lately…

  2. Where’s the rumor that Leverkusen are favorites to land him? I thought Hamburg were testing the waters in the winter and I never heard anything after that.

    BILD are campaigning against Hans Meyer so keep it easy with anything coming from them in that respect.

    Voeller’s criticism was OK, as he didn’t say that Adler was wrong, but that he shouldn’t do it in public, and that he shouldn’t blame team mates, when his team mates aren’t publicly blaming him for the mistakes he made either.

  3. Ah OK, though they just list a lot of Bundesliga clubs interested in him, with no mention any of them is closer to sign him than the others.

  4. Looks like he indeed is moving to “greener pastures” as in transferring to Werder Bremen the “green & white” club which seems to have beat Hamburg in the race to sign on Marin!

    If you ask me this would be a match made in heaven. Marin and Ozil plus the generally offensive play of Werder. He won’t be a new Diego but I bet these two will perform their magic more and more steadily. But hopefully the pressure won’t get too big as they are both so young. Ozil for example was only able to show about 20% of what he can do in the UEFA Cup final.

    Fingers crossed that Marin will go to Bremen.

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