Everton May Tour Down Under This Summer


The likelihood that Everton will tour the United States this summer for preseason friendlies is slim. That’s because the club are in negotiations to visit Australia and New Zealand, according to an online Kiwi newspaper.

Everton are in talks with Phoenix, a club team in Wellington, New Zealand to play a match at their Westpac stadium in July, 2009. The Merseyside club has already agreed to play Perth Glory from Australia, although that match is contingent on Everton being able to playing at least one other team down under.

Everton are reportedly also in discussions to play teams from Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast. If the deal to go down under goes through, the Australian and New Zealand clubs will share the cost Everton’s travel expenses.

Wellington Phoenix chief executive Tony Pignata also revealed he was speaking to Fulham about a possible pre-season fixture.

Everton has visited the United States for preseason tours four times in the past five years, so it’ll be a shame if the Goodison Park club decides to go down under.

While the Premier League is in full swing, the clubs are busy behind the scenes organizing their preseason friendlies. Manchester United will be touring South Korea, China, Indonesia and Malaysia, while Chelsea will be traveling to the United States for a friendly against Seattle on July 18. Arsenal, meanwhile, have been discussing the possibility of playing the Peace Cup tournament in Spain which begins in late July. For the complete list of matches featuring Premier League teams, visit EPL Talk’s preseason friendlies page.

4 thoughts on “Everton May Tour Down Under This Summer”

  1. As far as pre-season tours go, stay out of the US! In a recession the last thing that we need to spend our money on is pre-season football. Save your money for some good MLS action this summer and keep your dollars at home!

    Pre-season tours are a WASTE!!!! Spend your money some place better like the new WPS league in the US or on the US Mens team in WC qualification this summer in Chicago.

    Ok, everyone gets the point I hate pre-season friendlies. Give America the 39th game or give us back our TV dollars. In fact I think this site would do a public service by warning fans from attending these events at the excessive prices that are charged.

  2. Lou, now that the TV deal has been done for 2010-2013, it means that the 39th Game won’t happen until the 2013-2014 season at the earliest.

    It’s easy to criticize preseason friendlies when you’re spoilt for choice in the Chicago area with games featuring WPS, MLS, US national team, etc. Here in South Florida we have Miami FC, and that’s it. And they’re in severe danger of folding. I’d take a preseason friendly any day.

    The Gaffer

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