Guti To Say Goodbye In 2011

Courtesy Flickr
Courtesy Flickr

If there is a player that is as synonymous to Real Madrid as Raúl it is Guti. Now this idol plans to do what Madrid’s all-time leading scorer insinuated earlier in the week. He, like Raúl has insinuated, that his last season at the Santiago Bernabéu will be in 2011.

Guti, 32, is in his 14th season at Real and will consider a possible move to three of the hottest retirement spots for soccer players- Dubai, Qatar, or the MLS once his playing days in La Liga are over. Guti has scored 81 goals in 514 appearances for Real, but he has struggled to hold down a regular place in the side this season after having to compete with players like Arjen Robben, Wesley Sneijder, Fernando Gago.

10 thoughts on “Guti To Say Goodbye In 2011”

  1. Guti HAZ is one of the mot agonizingly belove Madridista, on his day an absolute genius or easily some one that can make you smack your head up against the TV screen.

  2. Uh, no. They would rather go to Qatar where the money is. Hey, if Beckham doesn’t want to be there… why would they want to? MLS is looked at as a garbage league in that neck of the woods unfairly.

  3. Guti is one of the best madfileder real will ever have because he is commited to the team and read to do his best.Like Raul, he is the next father on the team and should be giving the time to prove himside and do his best.I rember he used to play aolneside Zadine and was like putting steel in the middle of madrid’s madfiled.So coach Romas please do the right thing by allowing the mighty GUTI to play so I other madrid’s fans can be greatful for their player can remin.Raul please help by adding your voice in helping guti stay at the MIGHTY MADRID thanks and may God grant us the title this season.

  4. Realmadrid has to put Guti in starting line up!!he is the best playmaker in the team and everyone trusts him…i do love him very much & i wish him luck…I’ll be so happy if spain’s national team coach invites him to the team…:-D

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