New Man United Home Shirt


Man United’s new home shirt for the 2009/2010 season will be red with a white ‘V’ on the front, designed and manufactured by Nike.

Pictured above, the shirt is a tribute to the Manchester United shirt worn in the 1909 FA Cup Final which United won. Albeit the shirt design is a reverse of what Man United wore a 100 years ago.

There is a question whether the shirt pictured is a fake or not. The color surrounding the team badge is a darker red than the shirt, so it’s quite possible it could be a bad Photoshop job. Thanks to Football Shirts for the tip.

Regardless, if this is the design of the shirt (or pretty close to it), what are your thoughts about the new Man United home shirt? Click the comments link below and share your thoughts.

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102 thoughts on “New Man United Home Shirt”

  1. Looks too much like Robin’s costume from the old Batman comic books. Plus, the “V” shape is a female fertility symbol, not sure the boys at Man U should want to be thought of in this way. At least, most of them.

  2. Its just awful…
    We’ll have AIG on it until the end of next season so we’re stuck with this abomination for at least a year!! If you look elsewhere at the away kit, (which is just the reverse of this but actually looks good) it has the AIG logo on it..

  3. i dont actually think its that bad i rather like it although like jimbo said v is the female fertility logo soo not very manly lol … BUT and its big but, if and if Saudi Telecom do sponsor us it will be worse than AIG yes they have lots of money but the official brand is BIG and UGLY … but could be worse in my opinion just roll with it guys

  4. I have been supporting Man Utd for about 6 year and this is the worst shirt
    i’ve seen them wear!
    Why can’t it be something like the away shirt?
    Atleast something new anyway

  5. all i have to say is, i dont like the collar and the flappy lapels just piss me off, when has a team won anything when they had lapels on their collar??

    1. wtt u chatin u m8 a collar dunt make sum 1 winn stuff it dunt makee a difference at the end of the day it dunt matter wat u wear its how u play

  6. I love it apart from the stupid V that’s been slapped on it, infact i’d slap the designer 4 doin so. Wot a plank……. Love the fact that its old skool tho….. 7/10 from me…..

  7. What does it matter? This isn’t a fashion show, it’s football. Too many people care about what they’re going to look like in the replica – be more bothered about wearing the badge. If they’re commemorating our history then great. At the end of the day, they can go out in sheepskin jackets as long as they bring the trophies home.

  8. man u might play good football,
    but at least the new shirt thay will wear next
    season will make them look crap!
    which is is good!

  9. Simple, Classic and Different.. I like it… are people forget some of the dreadful Umbro kits we had to suffer with i still think bring back the adidas years but i’m sure this kit will grow on everyone.. i seem to remember everyone orgionally hating the line on the back of the current shirt but everyone has seem to changed their mind on that…!!

  10. i am a dedicated united fan and this shirt is shit talking about the 70s or wat i hope that itll be better than it will be expected it to be.

    Although i will still by the new shirt wat ever it looks like cause i am a true fan and wats the sponsor goin to be?


  11. The current one is the best i ve seen in a long time…. apart from the classic vodafone one. This one is just sheer ugly and a fake ( atleast i hope so :D)

  12. If most of you who have left comments were ‘real’ ManUnited fans,you would know that calling the team ‘Man U’ is an insult to the club,as it is used in songs by rival fans about Munic…read the history and stop using it!!!
    Personally,i love the new shirt!

  13. I think the shirt’s legit. The darker color looks like the trim around the crest. You can see the embroidery better in the link on comment #10.

  14. very ugly, wouldnt buy it and im a huge united fan, and the leaked pictures of the away kit, with its lace up collar are absoluty disgusting, it’s honestly repulsive, i hope they are fake kits and the real ones look nothing like them!!

  15. Love it, Think its absolutely brilliant and hope its true. Nice to see something different, also would look better with no sponser (but i know it wouldn’t be worth the lost revenue!)

  16. this shirt is horrid, far do’s theyare tying to copy the shirt from when we won our first trophy, but thatwas then and this is now, if we win all four trophies do we not want a different kit to remember it by, i personally likedthe style we had back with the total 90 design

  17. ..grown up guys!! spot on with one of the comment, this ain’t fashion show!! I’ve support UTD for the last 19 years & remember when neil webb & robbo put on the ugly adidas shirt, I’ve bet not all of ya’ here know who’s Webb are aren’t you??? pathetic, don’t support UTD just because their winning & nice jersey with great players, support the club as the whole not their success, all new supporters might just lucky coz you started supported UTD when they are winning, I’ve supported when we’re not winning anything, so whatever the kit is, just show ur support & buy it., i even have the retro 86 jersey in by shelves & also the 93/94 yellow green with lace, its not about the colour, shame on any of you if support UTD because their jersey & success not because of their history.

  18. I’ve been hoping and hoping that the new united shirt will be out before my dad’s 70th birthday on 9th june. he has been a supporter of manchester united for millions of years and i would love to give him the new shirt in time for his big day. I think the new shirt looks fab, however, i think it would look even fabber without the lapels. I know though that my dad would love it whatever it looked like.
    Even on my wedding day, at the altar, he said to the priest performing the ceremoney, “Manchester United Forever. “That’s what i call a true fan!

  19. i think its prity nice it not as bad as you all think and i am a big manchester united fan and they going 2 win final

  20. this jersey is so unbelievably bad it has a big v on it which looks like dem shitty Vs dey put on fake jerseys in pro evo!!!nike betta get der act 2gether nd bring out a modern jersey not some jersey to tribute d past look to d future!!we’re gonna win more trophies nd im sure d players wudnt be caught dead in dem jerseys ha!!!cmon united!!

  21. Hmm I kinda like it but they should sel these jerzey’s to us fans, not playin with it on the pitch…

    I wounder if there trouses end down there ankels lik a 100 years ago

    Greetz #1 ManUtd fan

  22. Oh my god, look at that thing! I’m a United supporter and any decent United supporter who sees this and says it’s good is actually insane. You wanna be caught wearing THAT in public?

    Now I know Ronaldo is really going to leave.

  23. i thought the “V” was thicker and Black and the Man U logo on it… And where is the the “AIG” logo in the centre (or whatever the sponsor next season)? I think the 2007-2009 jersey was much better, but i don’t really mind this… And by the way PLEASE keep the 3rd BLUE KIT it has so much history behind it!! And also, PLEASE go back to the AWAY BLACK KIT!! It looks sooo cool!:D:)


  24. itzs alrite but i thinks it look like the NRL team in australia called St George Dragons

    it would be mad with a black away kit

  25. looks legit, as for the darker red for the badge, take a close look at this years badge its almost the same…

  26. oh no… my worst nightmare has come true… i thot we were past the days of sickening strips. why wud we want to remember the days wen ppl had no idea of wat was decent to wear. jst imagine ronny and wazza in one of those. i agree, they’d luk like a couple extras from a early star trek film. i thot we were moving on since the last three years have been decent. oh well, if we can win the league thrice in a row one jersey’s as gud as the other.


  28. Yanoe wah .. dah shirt luksz dank stiw xD ima defo buy it ;]

    NOHTT.. cum on nike .. man utd shud geh a prpa shirt worthyy ov championsz 😉

  29. what an awful shirt i . At least no one would nick it off the washing wonder ronaldo has left if this is what the team have to wear.

  30. Wow what a Gangster shirt im would sure like to buy this watch imm gnna be the first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. the shirt is like the old days looks really good just like newton heath shirt like good olds just like champions

  32. I would buy any home United shirt regardless of what it looks like. I have seen a similar one to this but with a black V and AIG on the front and I think it is more likely to be that one.
    Come on, just get behind the team rather than moaning about the kit

  33. its ok i guess ive seen better. i tink dey should start using adidas its well better than nike. it looks kind of plain but i like the collar and the v on the shirt and i think the white goalkeeper shirt looks horrible.

  34. this is the worst kit i have EVER seen!! this must be a fake. i will never be caught wearing this piece of crap.

  35. This cannot be the Man.utd shirt no ways looks like a crappy shirt !!! No sponsor !!!!!AIG is bankrupt !!!!!! U can do better NIKE!!!!!

  36. feewiiittt……!!!
    it’s nice but man utd team will look like a cheerleaders team on da field…haha..
    glory… utd…

  37. This is NOT the new united kit. The new one has a black v-stripe and is made from a similar material to the current kit. This looks like something someone from the far east has made who has no real connection to the club or NIKE.

  38. thought all u were man u fans?
    it dusnt matter how it looks!
    if u were true fans u wud wear it because u love man u!
    and wudnt mind if it looks shit or not!
    well i guess we know now who are the real manchester united fans!

  39. The T.shirt would have been good with out that V . I would propose that they design it with WHITE stripes on the arms (sleeves) man u oyeeeeeeeeee…..

  40. im a big man u fan and iv got to say its the worst shirt they have made. im hoping its not the reall 1 and its a fake couse i wont b buying it

  41. Oh My God what where they thinking when they designed this Sh#t. I am a huge manutd supported and Damn this is ugly. It’s like those 1970’s shirts you know way back in the day. Please let me design something if this is the final piece. I am going to be mocked by friends and family who support other teams. How could NIKE DO THIS TOP US.

  42. This was just a proto type if you search enough online you’ll find 2 or 3 more tho i notice by collor nike has used alot of this top in this years kit (2010/11)

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