Major League Soccer Talk #66: Jamie Trecker


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Jamie Trecker the senior soccer writer for Fox joins us on the podcast to discuss the US National Team, Mexico’s difficulties of late, MLS Expansion and USL’s success in the CONCACAF Champions League. We also discuss his book which our friend Lou Bruno reviewed for EPL Talk in 2007.

5 thoughts on “Major League Soccer Talk #66: Jamie Trecker”

  1. Thanks for the link to my review. Jamie Trecker is in great form in the interview and is clearly in the top group of American soccer commentators. While he continues to find the glass half empty for the USMNT and MLS you have to respect the factual basis of his opinions and his well reasoned positions on the issues facing American football. Always great to hear from him!

  2. Please give us an upbeat pro MLS, pro US commentator like Feuerstein who can refute your mexi-snobish views rather than Trecker who makes you look like an MLS apologist with his radical views. Heck, I’d rather hear from Nick Geber and Steven Cohen, haters of the American game who at least have a few nice things to say than a total bag of wind like Trecker, who has now appeared on shows hosted by you more than any other guest. I went back and counted. You give him an outlet for his outlandish views several times a year and for that you should be ashamed

  3. TTB:

    If you don’t like Trecker don’t listen to the shows with him. It’s no secret that I rate him highly as a commentator which is why he is the one media personality I try and have on semi regularly.

    I don’t agree with all his views but he is an original thinker and an outstanding writer who understand the technical, tactical and societal aspects of the game better than most Americans.

  4. Trecker continues to believe he knows what ails the US by spouting out the same nonsense over and over again.

    Regarding Mexico he has no clue either. You were on the right track discussing the number of foreign players.

    His thoughts on the recession were pretty interesting though I must admit.

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