Could Manchester City Send Robinho to Chelsea for John Terry?

It would be a sane Premier League week if there wasn’t an outlandish Manchester City rumor, but where is the fun in that?

This week’s circulation is a doozy.  Manchester City reportedly are including Robinho in a cash plus player offer for Chelsea captain John Terry this summer.  City would entice Terry by doubling his £135,000 per week salary.  He would be a part of the £200m summer spree to acquire everyone the Abu Dhabi owners fancy.

As farcical as this deal sounds, it would make sense.

Manchester City need to get rid of Robinho.  He kisses badges and plays to crowds but he obviously considers himself better than the club.  He disrespects City with grand gestures, such as his birthday jaunt to Brazil.  He disrespects them on an everyday basis through things as small as the dress code.

Despite the purported Hiddink magic, Chelsea need to revamp the squad.  With Abramovich’s money clip clamped, they need to raise funds from sales.  For all of Terry’s sentimental attachment, he’s aging and expandable, far less crucial to the defense than Carvalho.  If Chelsea can get an elite talent, such as Robinho, and cash, (or even straight cash) they must consider this deal.

Even just getting Terry’s contract off the books would be bottom-line beneficial.

It’s sensible for City to dump Robinho and Chelsea to sell Terry.  It’s also prudent to deal with each other, because they are the only available markets for the two players.

City would want close to the outrageous £32.5m they paid for the fancy dan.  That rules out nearly every club besides, Chelsea and Real Madrid.  Madrid obviously don’t want him back.  Chelsea fought earnestly for him in September.  He would be the perfect support striker with either Drogba or Anelka that Chelsea has missed.

Manchester City are also the only destination for Terry.  He’s overvalued in England, preventing any European club from coming in for him.  Liverpool and Arsenal have neither the need for his defending nor the money.  Manchester United have two far superior players in Vidic and Ferdinand.  City could use his defending, as well as his leadership ability.  They also have the money.

Terry may claim to be loyal to Chelsea, but the opportunity to be by far the highest paid player in football only comes once, particularly for an aging, above-average English defender.

This deal likely will be too crazy to occur.  Chelsea may deem Terry vital to future interests.  Terry may decide to stay in London.  City may even come to their senses, to go after someone with less star-power and more skill.

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