Could Manchester City Send Robinho to Chelsea for John Terry?

It would be a sane Premier League week if there wasn’t an outlandish Manchester City rumor, but where is the fun in that?

This week’s circulation is a doozy.  Manchester City reportedly are including Robinho in a cash plus player offer for Chelsea captain John Terry this summer.  City would entice Terry by doubling his £135,000 per week salary.  He would be a part of the £200m summer spree to acquire everyone the Abu Dhabi owners fancy.

As farcical as this deal sounds, it would make sense.

Manchester City need to get rid of Robinho.  He kisses badges and plays to crowds but he obviously considers himself better than the club.  He disrespects City with grand gestures, such as his birthday jaunt to Brazil.  He disrespects them on an everyday basis through things as small as the dress code.

Despite the purported Hiddink magic, Chelsea need to revamp the squad.  With Abramovich’s money clip clamped, they need to raise funds from sales.  For all of Terry’s sentimental attachment, he’s aging and expandable, far less crucial to the defense than Carvalho.  If Chelsea can get an elite talent, such as Robinho, and cash, (or even straight cash) they must consider this deal.

Even just getting Terry’s contract off the books would be bottom-line beneficial.

It’s sensible for City to dump Robinho and Chelsea to sell Terry.  It’s also prudent to deal with each other, because they are the only available markets for the two players.

City would want close to the outrageous £32.5m they paid for the fancy dan.  That rules out nearly every club besides, Chelsea and Real Madrid.  Madrid obviously don’t want him back.  Chelsea fought earnestly for him in September.  He would be the perfect support striker with either Drogba or Anelka that Chelsea has missed.

Manchester City are also the only destination for Terry.  He’s overvalued in England, preventing any European club from coming in for him.  Liverpool and Arsenal have neither the need for his defending nor the money.  Manchester United have two far superior players in Vidic and Ferdinand.  City could use his defending, as well as his leadership ability.  They also have the money.

Terry may claim to be loyal to Chelsea, but the opportunity to be by far the highest paid player in football only comes once, particularly for an aging, above-average English defender.

This deal likely will be too crazy to occur.  Chelsea may deem Terry vital to future interests.  Terry may decide to stay in London.  City may even come to their senses, to go after someone with less star-power and more skill.

However, if this transfer does turn up, both clubs should not hesitate.

16 thoughts on “Could Manchester City Send Robinho to Chelsea for John Terry?”

  1. Dear oh dear… whoever came up with this load of rubbish must be on drugs on something.

    Why would we want to trade our best player (25 years old) PLUS money (hahahaha) against a 28 year old CB that is constantly suffering from back injuries and is being overshadowed by his older sidekick Carvalho?

    Seriously… use a bit of brain. Robinho won’t go to Chelsea, stop beating the dead horse.

  2. Perhaps it is because I am not English I find this article quite sensible, especially on the Terry front. Look, he is OLD if anything. Ain’t gonna be around much more, and his physical prowess is deminishing by the month. However the mind stays the same, and Terry has lots of brains. Look at Maldini (still active) and less recently, Mihajlovic. Its the positioning, passing, influence and more that stays sharp.

    On a whole, the deal would be beneficial, esp considering the Robinho situation @ City which is bad.

  3. Maldini slowed down, but he plays in a slower tempo league, and he still has more pace than Terry.

    Terry was never known for his brains. More for his willingness to stick them in front of a boot.

    If City do pull this off, they deserve the inevitable relegation that comes with it.

  4. John Terry is 28. As a defender he could easily play for seven more years. Hardly ‘old.’

    The deal is a non-starter. Terry is too important as a symbol of Chelsea, too important for the club in leadership terms and far too important to the fans to be allowed to leave.

  5. I have no idea why you feel the need to say that John Terry is overrated, he is definitely the reason why Chelsea has been so successful the past five years.

    If this ridiculous deal goes through, Chelsea will be never be the same. Chelsea doesn’t need to catch the Arsenal disease of buying players with good offensive ability. Defense wins championships.

  6. For god sake we might aswell give up if JT left Chelsea, he is the heart & soul of the club, we won’t be the same. Send the stupid reporters packing they are trying to unsettle him and write the usual rubbish about our club. Why, for once, don’t they pick on another club….like Arsenal for instance!!

  7. When I said that Terry was aging. I didn’t mean in the chronological sense. His body has taken a beating in the last couple of seasons and his performance has declined physically. He’s not the same player he was in his pomp.

    As far as Terry being overrated, I understand that English fans can’t grasp nuances. I don’t think Terry is a bad player, far from it. But, he never was a £135,000 per week player. He certainly isn’t now.

    Chelsea have already stated they needed to raise funds from player sales. If they can get a significant return for Terry, the dropoff between him and a modest replacement is much less than it would be for say Essien.

  8. You must be joking. JT is one of the top 5 defenders in the world and better than rio. Pls if rio can command such a high transfer fee so many years ago, why cant JT? esp. so since he’s a natural leader and with the current inflation, the price tag for JT is a steal

  9. What a piece of shit the article is ? Clearly the reporter doesn’t understand what a football club is all about ,he thinks a FC is that in which some bloke run in and play then goes back to normal work . JT is too huge for us ,there is no one at the club either on the field or in the administrative dept. to belittle him .He is The English Captain .He is OUR player ,he is OUR product ,there is too much sentiment involved and if you offer me Terry or any trophy ,I’ll blindly pick JT .

    For what logic he rates Ferdinand better ? Man ,I’m sure he just opened his search engine and looked for the stats and since he knows a zilch about Football ,typed the utter nonsense .
    JT deserves every penny of his salary and may be even more ,he sweats for us ,he bleeds for Chelsea .
    Yes we may revamp the squad ,but that doesn’t mean we sell out pride ,we sell our symbol and we sell our leader .
    And finally JT will NOT leave us until he is thrown out ,obviously no body can dare to that .

    JT – Captain , Leader , Legend !

  10. Also this guy needs to understand that somethings mean more than titles to supporters . JT definitely belongs to the former .

  11. Why is’t that each time man utd plays against their opponent the Ref, seems to be a warding them a penalty. I think the ref shld really take a look at it before any decision being made. Because that really anoid the opponent, when u sit down and watch some of man utd clip u would no that RONALDO is a diver. UP CHELSEA TILL MY CASKET IS LOWER ON THE GROUND

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