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It’s hard to imagine life without soccer blogs, but there was a time when they didn’t exist. Nowadays, they’re such a vital source of news, analysis, video highlights, humor and uncensored opinions. But who are the top soccer bloggers that bring you the best coverage? Here’s our top ten based on original content, dependability, writing style, rapport with his or her readers, and overall entertainment value.

  1. Ives Galarcep. It’s amazing how in just 13 months former Herald News journalist Ives Galarcep launched his site and has turned it into the number one destination for US soccer news. Galarcep has created an incredible rapport with his readers. So much so that his “SBI Mafia” had a banner pictured on live TV during the recent US v Mexico World Cup qualifier. While focusing mostly on US soccer, Galarcep finds time to include brief mentions of world football too.
  2. Bobby McMahon. Everyone’s favorite Fox Soccer Channel personality is as dependable and informative in his blog as he is with his analysis on the Fox Soccer Report show. McMahon is also very conscientious in making sure to reply to the comments left by his ever growing number of readers. The Scot doesn’t post a lot, but when he does it’s pure quality.
  3. Ronaldo Assis de Moreira. The hardest working blogger in the business is the creative genius behind 101 Great Goals, the one-stop-shop for goal highlights, remarkable football video clips and more.
  4. Arseblogger. Love him or hate him, the Arsenal fan from Ireland has a legion of fans who follow his every word delivered daily in a conversational manner. Don’t be surprised to see more than 1,000 comments added each day to Arseblog.
  5. Two Hundred Percent. The anonymous blogger at Two Hundred Percent definitely swims against the tide with his unique football stories. While everyone is foaming at the mouth about the soap opera at Anfield, Two Hundred Percent delivers fascinating posts about Weymouth’s 9-0 home loss against Rushden and Diamonds, the return of Accrington Stanley and more.
  6. Ryan Bailey. While Two Hundred Percent takes on serious topics, The Spoiler‘s Ryan Bailey mixes humor with soccer news in the form of unique stories, videos, pictures and even pictures of gorgeous Wags.
  7. Rob Parker. Best known for his stint at the now defunct Who Ate All The Pies, Rob Parker now has his own blog at Off The Post, a charming and irreverant perspective of the beautiful game with globs of videos and remarkable articles.
  8. Daryl Grove. For those football fans who don’t have a ton of time to kill, The Offside is a perfect retreat for a roundup of the most interesting football stories of the day. Grove is the general manager for the site. The Offside also features a smorgasbord of blogs for leagues and teams far and wide.
  9. Ahmed Bilal. The wizard behind the curtain, and the blogger’s blogger, Ahmed Bilal is the mastermind behind Soccerlens, a football blog that continues to grow in strength with each passing month. While Bilal himself doesn’t write many of the articles, his stamp of authority and quality is on each one with intelligent articles on intelligent topics.
  10. Brian Phillips. Run Of Play is like one of those independent Brit bands that few people have heard of but has a strong underground following and knows how to bang out a tune. Brian Philiips is definitely an up-and-comer and one to watch out for with his delightfully designed website, intelligent topics and hidden gems strewn throughout its pages.

Honorable mention: Bruce McGuire from DuNord Futbol. McGuire has been on hiatus for almost a month after getting burned out writing about our favorite sport day after day.

What are your thoughts about the top 10 list above, and which bloggers are missing that should have been included? Are there any mainstream bloggers (rather than the above independent bloggers) who should have been mentioned? Click the comments link below and let us know.


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