New Manchester United Away Shirt: 09/10 Season

Watch the video below to see an artist’s rendition of what the 09/10 Manchester United away shirt will look like. It’s a tribute to the Manchester United side that won the 1909 FA Cup Final 100 years ago.

The design mockup is a lot more appealing than the original shirt design from 1909 (see above link). But one thing I notice with the design mockup below is that the ‘V’ sign points directly to the sponsor’s name. So much so, in fact, that it makes the sponsor’s name stand out even more as if the whole intention of the design is to point the viewer’s attention to the AIG name (AIG’s sponsorship of Man United is set to expire in May 2010).

What do you think of the new design? Click the comments link below and share your thoughts.

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94 thoughts on “New Manchester United Away Shirt: 09/10 Season”

  1. It is part of Nike’s ‘V for Victory’ design. check their website, all the new ranges are inspired by the V.

    I personally do not like the red on white for our away kits, I think white with blue would work better.

  2. Everything I’ve read says the colours will be reversed. It’s supposed to contain elements in tribute to the 1909 FA Cup winners, but it’s supposed to be the HOME kit that’s replaced.

    Pointing to the sponsor is inevitable if you’re going to incorporate a “V” element. Either that or you have to put the sponsor over the “V” element. Either way, ABUs will claim it as more proof of United selling out.

    Finally, this mock up os obviously based on a previous Mexico kit, so a couple things come to mind: (1) Earlier reports discussed design teams. There’s not a lot of design work involved in bringing back a 2006 range shirt. (2) I don’t see Nike trotting out recently outdated kit for their flagship partner.

  3. i think it looks class! miles better than this seasons shirts.
    plus, the all black was is nice aswell. get rid of the blue one, it’s pants!!

  4. this might not be a fake aig might just be on there as a prototype as united have not revieled there sponcer yet

  5. Personally i dont like this top absolutely but even if it had to change to this design AIG wont be the sponsers so this is just fake. We will have to wait until next season to see the new Man United top for the english and european champions.

  6. Hey guys,
    Ive got a pic of the actual shirt but where not sure of the sponsor..on the pic its Saudi Telecom. The nike tics yellow, the same as the yellow in the badge, and Im nto sure of the font. Ive ordered mine hopefully will be here next week! I ordered red font just incase.

  7. For everyone who doesn’t think aig will be the sponsor they still have another year left so they will be on the shirt until the 2010/2011 season

  8. these kits r absolutely digusting n when i say disgusting i mean disgusting im literally vomiting as i write this (lfc 4 scum 1) why are utd trying 2 copy our great nations retro top with this pathetic attempt at a kit (lfc 4 scum 1) i think iv said my piece HOLLA!!! KOPITE TILL I DIE JUSTICE 4 THE 96!!!

  9. who is bob geldof???? o sorry i thought this was google search but while im on here i might aswel comment on utds top:- hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha what the hell is that top what a travesty not only s fergie a laughing stock coz rafa is having him off but your team wearing this next season will also make you a laughing stock NICE TOILET PAPER though but very expensive bog roll id prefer 2 stick 2 the charmin maself! ol the gooner ARSENAL 4 CHAMPS LEAGUE N FA CUP X

  10. All this “AIG wont be our sponsors so its fake” is doing my head in

    For the record AIG WILL BE THE SPONSORS next season. The deal runs out at the end of NEXT season…

  11. AIG will in fact still be the sponsors as their contract runs through May of 2010. AIG are still an active insurance and investment company both in the U.S. and abroad (mostly under the name AIA). Keep in mind, Arsenal wore “DreamCast” on their shirts well over a year after SEGA shut down the venture. Once committed, the sponsor stays put.

    From what I’ve heard, the United away shirt will be like this, except in black with a blue “V”, as the side already wore white this season.

  12. Wow. I cant even believe they went with SAUDI sponsor. They hopefully will just use the STC logo instead of actually writing the disgusting word SAUDI on the uniform. Sponsored by wahabists, HOORAY FOR MANCHESTER! … NOT! Too bad AIG tanked.

  13. I like the style it brings something new to United’s kits, however I think that they should use a new colour. The united away kits are always black, white or blue. Other teams have a wider range of colours !!! but I would still buy it

  14. This shirt is simply fabulous. I don’t know if it really is the new shirt, due to the ending of the sponsorship by AIG, but other sources say that AIG will continue its sponsorship untill May 2010, but will sponsor less. If they put less money in the club, but they could sponsor only 1 shirt (say the third shirt, for UEFA Champions League or something) this would be a GREAT shirt, I love it. I would but it immediately. So I really hope this will be the new away shirt.

    Another reason is because the other shirt is absolutely hideous. It really is as they call it a schoolgirl uniform. Awful!

  15. i think it is s**t, i hate it, lasts seasons blue kit best one yet i would never buy that s**t, i meen shirt.

  16. Bharti Airtel is United’s sponsor starting next season, not AIG or Saudi Telecom. And what the hell is wrong with these people keep publishing shirt designs, assuming that it will be an official one, just to please themselves? Real fans will only want to wear a real official jersey, even if it’s from ten seasons ago, they should wear it with pride.

  17. Nice kit, why not? To all the Liverpool losers, why so jealous? 18-18 and we didn’t have to k**l anyone :)

  18. 49 ManU KINGS 05.28.09 at 1:37 pm
    Nice kit, why not? To all the Liverpool losers why so jealous? 18-18 and we didn’t have to k**l anyone

    Yeah and still two CL Cups behind us too! I thoght those gin blossoms on SAF’s face were going to burst yesterday! FFS you should have sent the MU ladies reserves. But hey at least Cronaldo showed his true feelings! Bye bye CR7, it was nice knowing ya. As far as the new kit goes, LAME!

  19. AIG will be United’s sponser for one more season. Then Sahara will take over – so this shirt may be real

  20. I agree with Khalil bout the away kit lookin better than the home kit. They should change the black on the home jersey to white, then you have got a proper man united kit. MANCHESTER UNITED TO WIN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 09/10

  21. Its a great design and such, however where is the creativity? Nike…come on fellas. This is the 2005 Mexico jersey in red. Come on now. You really think you can pull a fast one on the best fans in the world? Oh please! Come up with another design that you are definately worthy of donning the Nike crest. Dont become like Adidas and just change stripe colors and call it day on an uninspiring design. Go ManU!

  22. this is a joke of a kit

    the photoshop is wofal

    the aig logo is quite obviously not ment 2 turn that way

    pathetic photoshoppin

    aig have terminated their contract due to the current recession

    saudi telecom (the pic also photoshopped) also wont be uniteds sponsor

  23. this is sick(great)it looked crap on this other website but i think i will bye it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLLOLOLOLOLOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. awww!!!!
    that is the best united i have ever seen.
    the away is a wee bit nicer tha the home top.
    ucl barca 2 – 0 mu
    bpl aresnal 0 – 0 mu
    f.a cup everton 0 – 0 mu everton win in penalties

  25. they have copied of the saints rugby team for the away kit if there the best team in england get your own kit liverpool rule 4eva

  26. i love the home, away and the two new goalkeeper tops anyway eveyone shut up and support your team because football isnt about who has the best kitit is about wining trophies!!!

  27. that aint the away kit it is similar to the goal keeper kit same sort of design but differnt colour. u can see the officail united home and goal keeper kit on uniteds website but there is not an away kit there :/

  28. This can’t be the Man Utd 09-10 away kit, as they are staying with the away strip from last season.
    Hence why it says by it on the utd website 08-10.
    It will be changed next season.
    This season its only the home kit that’s changing.

    1. It doesn’t say that on Just says 08/09 Away Kit. There is a new one for this season, it hasnt been revealed yet.

      The away kit is always white, the Third kit is either Black or Blue unless there are other reasons behind it, such as the Green and Yellow or the Gold one we used.

  29. i’ll tell you why i think this is a fake; and if it isnt then nike have been very stupid in creating an almost identical goal keeper home kit which has been released and show on uniteds website. i think the away kit will be black this year ?

    1. The Third kit is Black or Blue… NEVER has the Away kit been Black or Blue. Never!

      This is more than possible to be the away kit. Yes, it is so so similar to the Goalkeeper kit but Van Der Sar will be wearing that Kit when the other 10 men are wearing Red. When the Away colours are used,, the Goalkeeper will wear the Blue version… which is available on for pre order.

      Regardless of what it looks like, they are still Man United and I will enjoy watching them play. And who gives a damn if Mexico or some rugby or American football team have used the same base design before? Liverpool and Chelsea and pretty much all the other Addidas made teams had the same exact kit, just in different colours a few seasons ago. It is hardly an important issue!

  30. Here we go again… More people arguing over kits. “I hate this one!” “I love it! You’re an idiot, this is disgusting, I’m throwing up!” Two years ago when the home kit was released everyone screamed in agony, “I hate it! So ugly! What’s with the stripe in the back! Blah, Blah, Blah.” I didn’t hear any complaints about the kit when United hoisted the premiership trophy or the champion’s league trophy. Bottom line is, who cares what the kit looks like!? Support your club for who they are. Wear your club’s colours proudly and shut your mouths off. Let the results do the talking. Half of the lot here are horrible United “supporters” anyway. Most of ya’s are the reason people hate United supporters. Typical front runners who don’t love the football United play, they love the trophies.

    That all having been said…

    I don’t care if United go out there in their under garments, (Some of ya here would enjoy that I reckon) they will continue to play quality football and nothing short of quality football.

    Horrible fans most of ya’s.

  31. oi u liars that cant be the away kit coz that is exactly the same as the home keeper kit just short sleeved !!


  32. that shirt needs alot to do it looks ugly cat scratched at it how ugly it looks chelsea’s more better then yours.

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