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Questions For Harry Harris, Author of New Spurs Book

down memory lane Questions For Harry Harris, Author of New Spurs Book

One of the most famous English football tabloid journalists, Harry Harris, will be the next guest on the EPL Talk Podcast, the only Premier League interview show on the Internet. Harris is the author of a brand new Tottenham Hotspur book entitled Down Memory Lane, which chronicles a Spurs fan’s view of the last fifty years.

The 18+ year veteran was a football reporter for The Daily Mirror and The Daily Express newspapers. Some of the big stories he got the scoop on were Kenny Dalglish getting sacked by Newcastle and being replaced by Ruud Gullit in 1999, as well as Roy Keane’s dramatic departure from the Irish World Cup squad in 2002.

In Down Memory Lane, Harry gives a fan’s view of life as a Spurs supporter for 50 years, but with a unique insight into players, managers and personalities behind the scenes gleaned through his unique inside track on events within a football club with his unrivaled access.

Harry has been so influential within White Hart Lane that he has advised and influenced many a Spurs chairman, including Sir Alan Sugar, Irving Scholar and Daniel Levy. Harry also reveals the remarkable and sensational behind the scenes secrets of takeovers and player transfers.

This book is a must for all Spurs fans who have followed the club since the Glory, Glory days of the 1960s, and for those who want to know what really made Bill Nicholson tick, but also for any football fan interested in the truth about the power struggles being mirrored today at clubs like Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal and Portsmouth.

Harry has rubbed shoulders with Pelé, Maradona, Johan Cruyff and George Best, but also includes Glenn Hoddle, Ossie Ardiles, Gary Mabbutt, Paul Gascoigne, Gary Lineker and Steve Perryman, among his all time favourite footballers and personal friends with interesting accounts of their feats on the field and what they are really like off it.

Down Memory Lane is a riveting account of one man’s on and off love affair and its nostalgic approach is matched with behind the scenes knowledge of players, directors and owners. Harry conducted exclusive interviews for the book with former manager Gerry Francis, Glenn Hoddle, Ossie Ardiles, Paul Miller and many more including the new manager Harry Redknapp.

If you have any questions you’d like host Johnathan Starling to ask Harry Harris, whether it be about Tottenham Hotspur, life as a football journalist or any other topics (including his books on Chelsea, Jose Mourinho, England’s 2006 World Cup squad, the inside story on Martin Jol or Pele), please post the questions in the comments below before Wednesday, February 25 and we’ll do our best to ask the best questions on-air to Harry Harris. Thanks in advance for your intelligent questions.

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3 Responses to Questions For Harry Harris, Author of New Spurs Book

  1. Matt Corbett says:

    Considering the comparison between us and that other lot down the Seven Sisters Road and the different levels of success that they have had and we have have had in the last 25 years, do you think that we are now on the right course for the future and that the other lot may have taken a wrong turning (no cups in 3 years and maybe no CL next season) and, apart from this specific poor season, we are beginning to catch up.

  2. Sam Dalton says:

    Harry, what do you think the main ingrediants are for someone looking to become a football journalist?

    And what would a regular week be like for you as a football journalist? Or is football such an unpredictable sport that there is no such thing as a regular week?

  3. derrick says:

    harris is a joke of a journalist. no sources and no cred.

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