Major League Soccer Talk Podcast #65: Daniel Feuerstein

MLS Talk Podcast # 65: Daniel Feuerstein

Major League Soccer Talk’s newest writer Daniel Feuerstein sits down with Kartik Krishnaiyer to discuss the David Beckham saga and the US National Team. Feuerstein, who covers the New York Red Bulls for the Champions Soccer Radio Network will be contributing to Major League Soccer Talk periodcially.

2 thoughts on “Major League Soccer Talk Podcast #65: Daniel Feuerstein”

  1. While normally a big fan of the podcast, I wasn’t as thrilled as usual with this week’s effort. I look forward to the intelligent and well-informed commentary and insight into the U.S.’s soccer teams every week and am rarely disappointed. But this week, I have to say that I didn’t really like the guest. I think that his overall tone was just too angry, and it detracted from the viewpoints expressed. As a Galaxy supporter, I could not agree more with the view that Beckham’s professionalism goes beyond simple disrespect and into the fact that the man just seems to lack class. I am not a Beckham supporter, have never supported his move to a team that I love, and I hope that the Galaxy are able to get rid of him quickly without taking the financial blow that the bullying of AC Milan seems to intend. But the aggression comes off as talking crap, and not adequately expressing the alternative viewpoint to the one that we are used to getting from the European press, and increasingly, the American press. Your podcast regularly delivers an intelligent, passionate opinion. This is why I look forward to every episode. Please don’t allow this anger (that admittedly, I also feel) to compromise the normal integrity of this podcast.

  2. If you thought I was too angry, what did you expect? Who got disrepected first? Sometimes you have to show passion thru anger when it’s appropriate & my anger was appropriate. Sometimes you have to put the proper tone aside and tell everyone how you really feel.

    But I promise the next time I’m on the podcast with Kartik, I will act accordingly and give you the proper tone you so disire.

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