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I’m glad everyone is having a good time with the conservative/sports writer article. For the record many liberals hate football as well in the United States but the conservatives I deal with and watch on TV (I work in public policy and political communications so I deal with conservatives regularly and have a few as clients) disdain the sport as the province of foreigners and immigrants.

Anyhow, back to business. Major developents in the Beckham saga happening today and I’m on the phone trying to track some news down. More later- check the site later this afternoon eastern time.


  • I’ m told by a very reliable source that the commissioner of MLS, Don Garber and the LA Galaxy have not necessarily been on the same page during this saga. Garber wanted a quick resolution one way or another while the Galaxy want fair compensation or no deal.
  • I’m also told by the same source a number of stories and speculation in the Italian Press this week was either simply made up or placed strategically by Beckham’s reps in hope of forcing the Galaxy’s hand
  • Per the Guardian, Tim Leiweke the President of the Galaxy has called Milan’s initial offer “ridiculous.”
  • I am assured that the Galaxy aren’t bluffing and will not sell Beckham unless the price is right. If Milan continues to low ball the number for him, he will be forced to return to LA.

On another issue, it has been reported by MLS Rumors and that FC Barcelona and Marcelo Claure are considering the affect of the current economic meltdown on the viability of the Miami market. I’ll have more on this  later.


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