Maradona Becomes A Grandpa!

340x3 Maradona Becomes A Grandpa!

One of Diego Maradona´s dreams after his playing days were over was to become a grandfather.  On Thursday that dream came true.  After a one-year relationship between Atlético Madrid striker Sergio Agüero and Maradona´s younger daughter Gianina, destiny gave football it´s ultimate child.

Benjamín Lionel Agüero Maradona… whoo that was a mouthful, was born at the And with that name and his genes will come a great deal of responsibility and pressure.   If Lionel Messi thought that he was getting publicity as a 13-year-old, his surname already had expectations when he was in the womb.  According to reports, El Diego was present at the birth of his first grandchild.

By the way, the dad, Sergio Agüero, missed practice Thursday due to obvious reasons.

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  1. Kester says:

    this child is destined 2 b great. maradona nd aguero’s genes hopfully he’ll live up 2 his nae

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