Can Eduardo Get Past an Apology

Now that Eduardo is back, I was expecting this one. Last year when the injury happened, we got headlines galore about no apology being made. Tonight, that same headline is back.

Of course there is two sides to every story, and Martin Taylor certainly has his. He claims to have done everything to apologize after Eduardo came out of surgery, but even Taylor admits that Eduardo probably doesn’t remember it due to the drugs. Taylor then admits to doing everything possible to keep up on Eduardo’s progress. Yet, no apology…at least one Eduardo remembers.

I know it’s difficult to apologize for anything, accidents in particular. And it’s even stranger that some people want them more than others. But for Eduardo almost a year to again say that he has yet to receive a formal apology directly from Martin Taylor just doesn’t make sense to me. Does Eduardo think that he’s going to get one now?

Martin Taylor in the Daily Mail had every opportunity to say I’m sorry. Instead, Taylor just wanted to reflect on how happy he was that Eduardo was back, the death threats he received, and what would happen if the two played against each other. That tells me we probably never will read about Eduardo getting one directly from Taylor. It’s a pity, if there is anything to say ‘I’m sorry’ about, an accidental tackle that left a player out of the game he loves for a year would be it.

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Harry Redknapp is placing their UEFA Cup tie against Shakhtar Donetsk at the bottom of the priority list. Getting out of the fight for relegation and staying in the Premier League is just a little more important than the extra two games the round of 32 brings.

I would like to thank Stiliyan Petrov for letting the whole world know he can’t make a decision on his own. Instead of deciding for himself without any outside influences helping to make up his mind about staying at Aston Villa, he’s going to wait and see what Gareth Barry does before deciding if he stays or goes. Talk about the ultimate cop-out.

Thank you Arsene Wenger for finally admitting Arsenal have no shot at the title this year. At least he’s also right in saying that Manchester United right now are untouchable.

The famous Colorado doctor Richard Steadman has a new patient, Jimmy Bullard. No wonder why Fulham was so quick to sell him for only five million pounds after he was starting to get a sniff around the England National Team. I guess the bigger question now for Hull is if Bullard will play again this season?

Two more footballers have been charged in the same assault case that Steven Gerrard was charged in. These players though play for Accrington Stanley.

In a suck up to fans move, Mike Ashley will cut the price of a season ticket in order to keep fans coming to St. James Park.

FC Copenhagen boss Stale Solbakken feels that all the money Manchester City have will end up destroying football. Gotta love bulletin board material.

Mark Hughes though has finally had it with City’s players with regards to their away form. Mark, don’t you think it’s a little too late for that statement?

Marseille president is saying he’ll do everything he can to resign Didier Drogba. Works for me.

I have to admit when I first read this I simply went ‘that’s it’. But that was my first reaction to when I read that Arsenal are set to offer Theo Walcott a 50,000 a week deal to keep him at the club.

And finally in a move that I can only put into the category of ‘boy Chelsea are desperate to show their fans they are moving forward’, around 5,000 people showed up for a Chelsea training session on Tuesday.


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