What If Fox Soccer Channel Loses Its EPL TV Rights Deal?

fox-soccer-channel1Within the next two months, we’ll learn who will win the bid for the US TV rights to the Premier League for the 2010-2013 seasons. What if Fox Soccer Channel loses its EPL TV rights deal to ESPN and/or Setanta. What should they do to make up for the massive loss?

If Fox Soccer Channel loses out on the TV rights deal, FSC should make a play for Man United TV, Chelsea TV, Arsenal TV, or Liverpool TV and whatever programming they offer in England. From what I understand they offer replays of games 48 hours after they happen along with a propaganda news program show, classic games, and youth games. Would it make sense for a FSC to go after 2 of the teams rights for their re-airs where they can play them on Tuesday and Wednesday Night, get the filler of classic games, along with youth team games which would be fun to watch if you want to see guys work their way up the reserve team? I could see it as a viable option.

I could see a club love to get as much publicity as possible on a channel like FSC which is in more households than Setanta and/or GOL TV over here in the States. I really think the best that FSC can hope for is the 12pm Saturday Game and either the 2nd or 3rd choice 10am game on Saturday if ESPN is serious about getting the rights to the Prem. With the American influence of ownership groups of Liverpool, United, Villa, as well what ownership Kroenke has in Arsenal they have realize that FSC does reach soccer fans and could use the Club TV shows as a way to push their club/brand in America.

FSC hasn’t shied away from airing Milan TV before and currently air Barca games on delay. I think in a perfect world United would be one of the clubs they would focus on since they just seem to be most friendly with their current and past success to target. I know that they are on Setanta now but I wonder if the money saved on getting all of the packages that FSC before could be used to prise United’s TV shows from Setanta giving the the club more exposure here in the States.

Myself, I am hoping that ESPN2 ends up with the Premier League rights to the 7:45am ET game and the 1st choice game on Saturdays at 10am ET along with the double header on Sunday and Monday Games with FSC getting the 2nd choice game on Saturday and the noon ET kick off here in the States.


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