Does Anyone Want La Liga TV Rights In The United States?

goltv-logoGolTV’s contract to show La Liga matches in the United States ends this season, but the big question is whether GolTV or another broadcaster will pick up the rights for next season.

La Liga Talk received an anonymous rumor this week stating that GolTV has entered a bid to renew the TV rights but MediaPro, a communications company, is unhappy with the bid from GolTV. The bid is allegedly a lot less than when GolTV bid last time.

If GolTV isn’t able to win the bid for next season, maybe Fox Soccer Channel would be interested since there’s a good chance they may lose the Premier League TV rights to ESPN and/or Setanta when bidding closes within the next two months.

2 thoughts on “Does Anyone Want La Liga TV Rights In The United States?”

  1. Anything but Fux Soccer Channel. I guess they are going to do the same thing that they did to Serie A and make it their red headed-step child. All Fox cares about is the Premiership and their psuedo-partnership with Sky will see the Prem. We also have to see how the rights issues that are surrounding La Liga within Spain break down as well. Regional channels such as TV3 and Barcelona, for example are in the middle of a standoff as the network’s crews aren’t even allow to go into the Nou Camp. Some sources are even talking about the possibility of PPV in the near future.

  2. I liked it when La Liga & Serie A were on GOL TV. FSC should stick to EPL, MLS, UEFA Cup and the occasional Argentine league match.

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