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Bundesliga: FC Bayern’s loss keeps the Title Race interesting

For the first time since 2001 the younger Hoeneß won the Manager Derby against his brother. Hertha winning against Bayern was a good feeling made even better by being able to take over the Tabellenspitze. The last time Hertha was top of the table was in October 2006. Last season after Matchday 23 Hertha was sitting in 11th Place.

Overall the Bundesliga is enjoying quite the title chase as the top 5 teams are only separated by 4 points. This is even more remarkable given the fact that some of the usual suspects like Bremen, Schalke and Stuttgart are replaced by Hoffenheim and Hertha Berlin. The sentiment is that Bayern will eventually reach form and take over the lead for good, but can they? With the Champions League starting again soon and the Striker issues that Bayern currently have it will remain to be seen if the extra games will take their toll. Still to be resolved is the Landon Donovan issue where time is running out on his loan and he has failed to impress in league games after enjoying a successful training camp.

Hoffenheim seems to have found their nemesis in Leverkusen, after losing on the road in the first game to the “Factory team” 2:5 this time they were thoroughly outplayed at Home while losing 1:4. Was it a hiccup or the first signs of running out of Gas and not being able to compensate for losing Ibisevic?

A few notes about the last match day: Hertha has been unbeaten at Home in its last eight games; Hamburg is still the best Home team with 9 wins and a draw though. Bayern’s loss at Hertha was their 300th loss in the Bundesliga, but with an all time record of 836 Wins, 350 draws the 300 losses don’t look so bad.

One thing is for sure, the real fun this season is just beginning.

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3 Responses to Bundesliga: FC Bayern’s loss keeps the Title Race interesting

  1. Santosh says:

    Congrats to all Hertha fans worldwide, including myself!!!

    I can’t believe this season, it’s just incredible, maybe we can finish in the top 3!!!

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  3. diana says:

    Santosh, that’s great for you as a Hertha fan. Even as a VfB Stuttgart fan like myself, I am happy for you guys. Hertha, at the top of the Bundesliga standings.

    I actually almost wanted to scream in front of the television after the final whistle blew. I did watched the match, and it was exciting.

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