2009/10 Juventus Kits

2855 2009/10 Juventus Kits

Check out the new Juventus Kits for the 2009/10 season.

Home Kit
01magliahome0910py1 2009/10 Juventus Kits

Away Kit
02magliaaway0910og7 2009/10 Juventus Kits

Goalkeeper Kit
03magliagk20910pw4 2009/10 Juventus Kits

There isn’t much change for the home kit but the away kit I’m going to buy.  Borat would say, “NIIIICE!!!!”  Read more about the kits at football-shirts.co.uk.

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0 Responses to 2009/10 Juventus Kits

  1. jonathan says:

    that is cold.

  2. Infectedben says:

    ^ …which is cool

  3. juventus_hero says:

    the middle kit is fukin sik i wish they play very good next season n win the scudito.

  4. Milos says:

    Juventus forza forever!!!!!!

  5. bilotta.mario says:

    siamo come laciaio che non si spetta andiamo avanti

  6. bianconerri says:

    new costum….new scudetto….3 trofi…..n forza juventus…..good luck!!!!!!!!!!

  7. zgjim says:

    Its so cool ! Juventus the best of ;)

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