Breaking Bundesliga News: Hummels Looks Out For the Season.

Ankly McHurt

Bild is reporting that Mats Hummels has sustained another in a long line of ankle injuries. Having just returned to training following the healing of tears in the inner and outer bands on his ankle, he left training due to the ankle again today. This is the 3rd injury to the right ankle in a matter of months and looks likely to end the 20 year old’s season.

With Bild, it is always safe to wait to validate that such a thing is true. After all they, spend more time on tarts than football, but if true this could be damaging to Dortmund’s fight for Europe this year.

However, if this is indeed the 3rd successive injury to his ankle, perhaps letting it heal properly would be the best thing going forward.

4 thoughts on “Breaking Bundesliga News: Hummels Looks Out For the Season.”

  1. That´s bad for Dortmund. They are also out of Pokal and UEFA Cup so no Europe qualification in sight there. Wouldn´t count on a fair play spot either, no offense to BVB. Still got UI Cup maybe… How many UI Cup spots does BL get again?

  2. Maybe being out of those competitions could be a positive though. Santana is a capable backup. Where they face a major issue is that after Hummels, Subo and Santana they are are threadbare at centerhalf. So an injury now to Subotic or Filipe is massive. If the two can stay healthy for the remaining Bundesliga game, then it is possible for them to still finish in the top 5.

  3. Very true, maybe its not so bad after all having only BL left, didnt think about it that way. Still dont think they will stand a chance for top 5 this year. Just way to much competition out there. Maybe rhe euro spots will be moved down one since some big teams still left in pokal and chances are some CL participant will go to Berlin. What could be saving the season and more for Dortmund would be finishing above Schalke though… just watchin lev – hof, great game…

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