Countdown to Columbus: 2007 Gold Cup Final

Mexico entered the 2007 Gold Cup Final at Soldier Field determined to overcome the United States for the first time in eight years on american soil. Andres Guardado and Nery Castillio combined on a wonderful goal to give Mexico a 1-0 halftime lead. At that point in the match, Tim Howard’s clutch goalkeeping was keeping the US in the match.

In the second half a Landon Donovan penalty and a Benny Feilhaber strike from outside the area gave the US another victory over Mexico and the nation’s fourth Confederation title since 1991.

One thought on “Countdown to Columbus: 2007 Gold Cup Final”

  1. Let me say that I was present at Soldier’s field for that game and it is a great memory for me seeing my country win it’s regional title. There were approximately 50,000 Mexico fans in the stands that day, so even in Chicago Mexico was playing in front of a home town crowd. It appeared that the US wore Mexico down that day and the youth and speed of the American team made the difference in the 2nd half.

    Every fan should have the opportunity to see their country on the platform as winners.

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