New 09/10 Arsenal Away Shirt: News

Arsenal’s new away shirt for the 2009/2010 will be hunter green, according to the Football Shirts website. The new shirt will be very similar in color to the away shirt from the 1982/83 season (pictured).

No images of the new shirt have been leaked as of yet.

Historically, Arsenal has worn an array of different colors for their away shirt designs through the years. From 1969 to 1994, the design was yellow for every season except the 1982/83 season when the north London club wore the aforementioned hunter green with blue sleeves.

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51 thoughts on “New 09/10 Arsenal Away Shirt: News”

  1. Gawd talk about trying to fleece the fans…..havent they heard of the credit crunch! they could at least have the other shirt for another season.

  2. If by having this ‘green kit’ could help us change our present ‘bad spell’, then let it be! But if for other reason[s] than that, then this kit is not for me! It looks ‘horrible’ and a ‘big joke’!

    I believe we have a ‘reputable’ facility department at Arsenal FC, but if this is what they have come up with as our away kit, then it made me think twice about their ‘credibility’.

    I think this this kit would go down as one of ‘unpopular’ kits we have ever had.

  3. Its not true. The new shirt is white with red thin stripes… I have picture of it from a Nike showroom. They will also relase a new 3. shirt in blue if I remember right

  4. At least it’s not dirt box brown like them up the road wear !!

    Any way looks like the shysters are trying to wind the gooners up again…..we will never have a green away kit. END OF !!

  5. I never have purchased an away shirt that wasn’t yellow and blue. No all blue, no white (who the hell wants to look like a spud?) and 100% defiantly not this. Looks like another £45 saved then. Awful.

  6. this is the ugliest jersey i have ever seen. i wouldnt buy it in a million years. not even if it was free would i wear it.

  7. arsenal r rubbish the kit aint gonna chnage their perfomance but there looks to go doen to coca cola championship hahahahahah

  8. Blaine, your the dumb one, this a pic of squad members in the mid 80s when the mighty arsenal wore green for 2 seasons. We did shite so hoping we don’t wear this green again. Stick with yellow. Arsenal champions 09/10.

  9. The new away kit is the same as the yellow 1 but the yellow is green and the fly emirates is white egil your wrong you twonker fcuk u. now the best gunner fans… like me would belive that its gonna be the green 1

  10. by the way, the arsenal official website is advertising the release of pics of the new away kit on may 21st. there is a preview picture to the right of fabregas wearing a dark-ish BLUE shirt, so stop with the white n red pinstripe and green rumours.

  11. on arsenal website when fabregas is wearining the new away shirt it show that a the shirt is blue that would be more better

  12. Jamie u donut its just a pic of fabregas with a shirt thats dark cos they arent showing you wot it looks like yet lol

  13. This new kit is S***! That green is disgusting! I think they should just keep there one that they have now

  14. its blue i was at the stoke game 2day and u can pre order it . it is dark blue with light blue downward stripes

  15. well guys, if you ask me the new kit is not all that, if i was given a chance to design the new kit it would be better than this green and blue s–t, opps! we need a better seassion and that calls for a better design. vote for me to design the new kit and we will win its all next year, trust me guys. peace and love gooners.

  16. NEW AWAY KIT IS DARK BLUE/LIGHT BLUE PIN STRIPES…it has collars. i think it looks preety sharp..will be good to see what new faces will be wearing it. now lets hope the new season has alot installed for us!…wengers been getting alot of stick…i want him to give his answer to critics in the best way: silverware.

  17. thats a really nice kit i love it am cristiano ronaldo and ive loved arsenal since i was a baby i want to go to arsenal and end my carrer their even if lots of arsenal fans hate me i hate mnachester united too i wanna go to arsenal

  18. Has anyone else actually got one of the new shirts? I pre-ordered mine online and I actually received it 2 days ago despite the release date not being until June 25th!! Am I alone??

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