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Chelsea Sack Scolari

scolari 1 Chelsea Sack Scolari

Luiz Felipe Scolari has been sacked by Chelsea.

The last straw for Chelsea FC was the club’s uninspiring 0-0 draw at home against Hull City. The draw pushed Chelsea further behind in the league title race after Liverpool and Manchester United both recorded wins. The club are now seven points behind league leaders Manchester United.

Scolari joined Chelsea seven months ago as replacement for Avram Grant.

Ray Wilkins will take temporary charge of the side for this Saturday’s FA Cup game against Watford.

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14 Responses to Chelsea Sack Scolari

  1. Bishopville Red says:

    Scolari is a classic example of more dollars than sense. Chelsea are fools.

    I’m baffled by the number of managers the are let go in short order, but eh so-called brains that hired them in the first place keep their jobs.


  2. DaveMo says:

    Easy to say in retrospect, but Scolari shouldn’t have taken on what is arguably the top job in English football as his _first_ job in English football and his first club team in nearly a decade. Coaching an international side is a completely different skill set, and his bright start at Chelsea followed by his steady decline translates to easy criticisms such as “one trick pony” and “found out”. He has an impressive resume, but he would have been better served to cut his European club teeth with a side that is not expected to win every single match and isn’t populated entirely by massive egos.

    Note that it’s only “arguably” the top job in English football – and that I wouldn’t be one of those doing the arguing. I look forward to Chelsea dominating the UEFA Europa League – a position that much better matches their historical status. ;-)

  3. Soccergoalx says:

    It is a good decision to sack scolari. We can’t deny the result he brought in the start of the season, 10 win in his first 13 games. That was a great result. But, thing changed when their home unbeaten record was broken by Liverpool. Their form are so unstable. Chelsea keep dropping points. They never win against their title rivals, Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal. Scolari seems lack of idea with the team tactic. In the recent match, what I can see is the midfields like Mikel, Lampard, Ballack and Deco keep sending the ball into the box which don’t have much positive effect. Then, Scolari still yet to bring any positive change to the team.

    Liverpool 2-0 Chelsea
    The decision of sending Lampard off may cost the lost. But, I don’t see Scolari bring any positive changes to the team. With one man down, he still bring a youngster who don’t have any premier league experience to play. I think that was a stupid substitution.

    He really deserved it!!

  4. Mohammed says:

    The problem is you can not make an international coach a club coach. Scolari was out of sorts with this. Brazil and Portugal are not Chelsea. Again DUMBROMAVIC and that numpty that used to be at United have shown that they are not management product. Its just unbelievable, why would you sack Jose it made no sense, and then why would you sack Grant (Runner up in 2 cups and a league). They are in complete turmoil right now. Honestly it is ridiculous as you can tell that they have no idea what they are doing. Scolari did not sign the proper players and he could not control the dressing room. I would be shocked if they make the champions league honestly.

  5. Paul Bestall says:

    I’m stunned to be honest, Chelsea’s problems began with the signing of Shevchenko by the chairman to try and get Jose to shoehorn him into the side. Abrahamovic seemed to think that he was the reason that Chelsea had become successful and not Morinho’s coaching and tactics. The side is horrendously imbalanced with no natural width at all until the signing of Queresma and too many central midfielders growing old together.
    The trouble Chelsea now have is that they need to be looking to replace a lot of players at the same time, Drogba, Ballack, Kalou, Malouda, Deco, Terry and Bosingwa have simply not performed over recent weeks, since Joe Cole got injured they’ve looked bereft of any nous going forward. What would they do if Lampard & got injured? Abrahamovic needs to fall back in love with Chelsea if he wants them to get back to the power the were in 2005 but that won’t come cheap at all. Arsene Wenger has just had some great news.

  6. Simon Burke says:

    i am surprised but only by the timing – he never looked like he was enjoying it there and the club wasnt doing well – that said he inherited an aging side and had little financial backing to maintain their high standards. I dont think he bought anything new or positive to the side and the expecations without money would crush any person who took this job. To all those Chelsea fans who hated Grant, he got you results.
    Whoever comes in will spend all his goodwill before the transfer window which is why I am surprised they didnt get rid of Scolari at the end of the season, I dont think they are in too much danger of finishing outside the top 4 as Arsenal just cant win games.

  7. JLay says:

    Don’t sweat it, Chelsea fans – Rafa should be available for hire in a couple of months!

  8. jd says:

    Hola Sven?

  9. Thomas says:

    I’m a little more shocked at this than at the Adams sacking…but not much. Chelsea have been crap. I would not be surprised if Chelsea are sitting on the outside looking in at #5, playing in the UEFA Cup.

  10. EPLNFL says:

    A good thing if you ask me. Scolari checked out some time ago. Why he took the job in the first place other then for the $$$$$$$ is a question.

    Beyond Scolari, however is the real fate of Chelsea. Would anyone be surprised if they heard the team was up for sale? It’s no fun any more being an owner if Man City has more cash! Man U. manages(with their American owners) to stay on top and Villa and Everton can do quite well with the bare minimum. It seems to me that the days of the Big 4 are numbered, but all is not lost it maybe replaced by a top 8. We can only hope for it.

  11. Cid from Indiana says:

    1. Big time Schadenfrade. I won’t lie. Any time a BIg 4 gets into trouble, I have to laugh.

    2. The truth of this- you can’t fire the whole team, so you fire the coach. Since the 0-0 tie at NUFC back in November, Chelsea have won 4 games (out of 12) against Bolton, West Brom, Boro, and Stoke. For the side you lot have on the pitch, that kind of performance can’t even be called unacceptable- it’s something far lower.

  12. Double Pivot says:

    Worst excuse ever to hear big Phil saying it all came down to Robinho. This guy hasn’t coached in a true league in eons. Never, never, never buy based on tournament form. My Spurs can be the worst at this, but Arsenal is going to find out with Arshavin, just like Chelsea is finding out with Scolari. Notice that United stopped making that mistake after Veron/Kleberson a few years ago.

  13. JLay says:

    Yeah, Robinho really would’ve helped the team, whenever he wasn’t busy raping people and flying off to Brasil without permission…

  14. tomi adamu says:

    forget scolari (even if abrhamovic is being unfair), look at tony adams he’s out already .

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