5 thoughts on “Vote Now: Who Will Win the Title?”

  1. I picked Hoffenheim because of the romance of a promoted team winning the league again. And to be fair, everyone keeps underestimating them.

  2. Who voted other? I would love to hear the reason. Is it optimism that Werder or Schalke will turn it around? I don’t mind a bit of the optimism as it reminds me that this sport doesn’t have to be soul crushing all the time :)

  3. As much as Hoffenheim have really been shaking up the league, my instincts are saying…the ‘salad bowl’ will still remain in Munich for another season. My wish for Hoffenheim? Playing European football.

    I may be wrong at the end of the day. :) In regards to who will win the title.

  4. I voted HSV although they just lost to KSC. As for reasons, my stomache gives me a feeling of confidence in them. They are developing and they are developing fast, in many directions, not just their gameplay. The whole club is changing. I f I remember one HSV from only 2 years ago it feels like an entirely different club already and even back then they had come a long way. So if Munich is showing any weakness they are ready to fill in. Even if they don’t make it this year I can see them closing the gap to Munich for years to come and becoming even a European heavyweight again.

    As for Hoffenheim, I would like to see them win but I think the whole Ibisevic drama ruined it. Sure he is just one player but even more then his 18 goals it is the psychological effect that worries me. Hoffenheim is as much about playing great offensive football as it is riding a wave of success where nothing can get close enough to actually kick them out of success mode. Well something did and so I don’t think they will be up front. Would be great to see them make CL though.

    Would be outright blasphemy for me to vote or even wish for Bayern. Most members of my family wouldn’t talk to me again for the better part of 2009…

    There is a good number of teams I really would like to see in UEFA Cup next season but there just aren’t enough spots I’m afraid. Even if we get some UI Cup and Fair Play seats again there are just too many ambitious teams arround this season. Talking about it, what ever became of the plan to claim the 3rd place in 5 year ranking for BL ?

    Still have no idea though what Hertha is doing up there. Went to some of their games this season already and nothing to write home about even when they beat HSV for example.

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