Another Manchester City Arrest, And Villa Puts The Arshavin Story To Rest

 Micah Richards wins the Christmas stupidity award.

It took seven weeks, but we find out tonight that Micah Richards was arrested over a December 24th attack outside a Hale nightclub.  It is alleged that Richards attacked an eighteen year old male. In something that Mark Hughes has had some practice with, he’s already coming out in support of his defender.

With all the money these players make, with the big houses these people have, why is it they feel like they need to go out. Nightclubs are a recipie for trouble and when players can have all they need at home, take advantage of it. Look I understand players are as human as I am. But they have to be just a little bit more responsible when it comes to their actions. Their stupidity will end up on the back pages, ours won’t.

Other Stories
Aston Villa won’t make any complaints over the Andrei Arshavin transfer. I’m glad to hear that. The other 19 clubs didn’t say anything either at today’s Premier League meeting.

Three weeks looks to be the amount of time Gerrard will miss with his hamstring injury. Hopefully Gerrard will be available for at least the second leg of the Real Madrid tie.

Joe Kinnear will not be dealing with his contract as long as Newcastle are in a relegation fight. Smart man, because I’m sure he knows if they go down, he won’t be needing to bother with a new contract.

Charles N’Zogbia keeps saying that he found it difficult to work with Joe Kinnear and that’s why he wanted out. I wonder what will happen once Steve Bruce gets tough with him?

I don’t think Lucas’s apology will help him after Wednesday night.

Sylvain Distin doesn’t seem to have the right attitude about Portsmouth’s chances at staying up.

Now Michel Platini wants to get into the whole transfer window debate…oh goody.

And finally, while Manchester United are still in for the quadruple, Sir Alex Ferguson is realistic about his team’s chances for silverware.

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