Countdown to Columbus: US 2 Mexico 0 @ 2002 Korea/Japan


The US and Mexico met for the first time in a World Cup Finals in the 2002 with the winner advancing to the  Quarterfinals. While those of us watching in the US had to endure Jack Edwards and Ty Keough the payoff was well worth it with a 2-0 US win seeing the the national team through to its first World Cup Quarterfinal birth since 1930.

Brian McBride scored the initial US goal off a great run by Claudio Reyna and then a timely pass by Josh Wolff. The second US goal came when Eddie Lewis torched the El Tri defense down the left flank and then fed in a perfect cross of Landon Donovan who was streaking at the far post for a header. Late in the match, wily veteran Cobi Jones came in to help seal the historic victory and got abused by the unsporting play of many Mexican defenders in the process.

A historic win for the ages, we relive today at Major League Soccer Talk.

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One Response to Countdown to Columbus: US 2 Mexico 0 @ 2002 Korea/Japan

  1. Jonathan says:

    Quarterfinals? Wasn’t it the round of 16 game?

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