Faubert Is Going To Be The Next Madrid God

Real Madrid

If there is one thing that I have learned is that history is a series of sequences in human existence that have repeated themselves time and time again because of our thick-headedness.

If my calculations are correct, Julien Faubert could be the next idol of Real Madrid.  Ok, he was a Plan T after they failed to get Wigan’s Valencia (actually Vicente Boluda was promised a lifetime supply of Guinness if he accepted the option to buy after Faubert’s six -month loan expires) but that is neither here nor there.

I have no hard evidence-statistics ot anything I can put on a chart that can convince you of such a thing.  Yet there is one thing that might help you slightly agree with me- Atlético Madrid snubbed him.

Yes.  The only thing I can say for this last-gasp acquisition is that their cross-town rivals decided to pass on him.  I know this is not much to go on, but for goodness sake we all know that Aleti’s trash has become Madrid gold and there were two examples that I found.

In the mid-80’s the reigning, Atlético Madrid gave away their goose that laid the golden eggs.  Aleti’s original Niño  was inexplicably transferred to Real Madrid and that gave way to one of the most spectacular careers in Spanish football history.  So after 205 goals and plenty of titles with Spain’s version of Murder’s Row, he was the most feared element in the legendary Quinta del Buitre.  He was argubly more feared y opposing goals than Emilio Butregueño.   His name- Hugo Sánchez.

Almost a decade later, a young player arrives at the doorstep of Real Madrid after controversial Atlético president Jesús Gil y Gil decided to get rid of their youth system. Atlético was enguilfed in a serious economic crisis and there were no signs of seeing recovery in sight as there was no economic plan in place-ever.   Various youngsters were let go and their dreams of playing at the Vicente Calderón were shattered. This one though, much to his father’s dislike (as he was a Colchonero through and through), went to Real Madrid and flew up the ranks until he made his debut with the big team in 1995 in a Clasico against Barcelona.  After that substitution, no one was able to get him off his spot.  His 307th goal will leave him atop the Real Madrid all-time scorers list alongside names like DiStefano, Puskas, Santillana, Zamorano, and Sánchez.  His name- Raúl.

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