Special 1 TV Trailer: New Show Will Launch This Saturday


Special 1 TV has launched a short advert to tease viewers about the launch of the new show. Special 1 TV, which is the name of the new show to replace I’m On Setanta Sports will debut on Saturday, January 31 on Setanta Sports after they air the Manchester United against Everton game on Setanta UK.

In the trailer for the show, The Special One, Sven and Wayne Rooney are shown, so there are no hints of new characters. But the new logo for the show as well as the trailer has a completely different color scheme adopting green and black instead of the previous yellow and black synonymous with Setanta.

Be sure to stay tuned to EPL Talk for the latest news regarding Special 1 TV. One of our sources reveals that we should be able to share exclusive news about the show before the new TV show launches on late Saturday.

Here’s the trailer for Special 1 TV:


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