Will Robert Kraft Purchase Gillett’s Share of Liverpool?


 American billionaire Robert Kraft may make a £270m bid for George Gillett’s 50 percent share of Liverpool.

“We haven’t ruled it out completely,” Kraft told Sky Sports News.

“But I’m worried a little bit. I want to be able to win whatever we do. But there are no rules in terms of spending on players.

“We would never want to be in a business where we couldn’t compete and right now some of the structure doesn’t allow you to compete on a level playing field.”

Kraft currently owns both the New England Patriots of the NFL and the New England Revolution of MLS.  He wanted to invest in Liverpool as far back as 2005.  He also reportedly made an inquiry about buying the club last season before being outbid by DIC.

Kraft’s purchase would benefit the Merseyside club.

If he can muster more stable financing, it would deflect the itchy-triggered shotgun of debt currently pointing at the club from the initial American purchase.

Removing Gillett would ameliorate relations somewhat between the board and Benitez, as it was Gillett who opposed Benitez assuming control of transfer policy.

Kraft’s reputation in both the NFL and MLS is as an owner who hires the best people, and who allows them to do their job without meddling.  It is, thus, not a coincidence that his franchises have been successful.

The previously hapless Patriots have won three Super Bowls and appeared in four this decade.  The Revs have made the MLS Cup final four times under Kraft.  They also won a US Open Cup in 2007 and SuperLiga in 2008.

However, Kraft’s purchase would not be a complete panacea.

Kraft’s teams have been successful, though, in a manner that may be troublesome for Liverpool fans, it has been without spending.  The Patriots, during their Super Bowl runs always kept under the NFL’s salary cap.  The Revs have repeatedly drawn criticism for not spending money or taking advantage of the Designated Player slot.

The American may muster the requisite intelligentsia at the top of the club.  But, he may not be down with spending £20m each transfer window to bolster it.

Liverpool fans may emulate the fiscal flexibility of Chelsea or Manchester City.  But, with Robert Kraft at the helm, they may more resemble Arsenal.


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