Vinnie Jones Interview: Questions Please


Vinnie Jones will be the next guest on the EPL Talk Podcast. If you have any questions you’d like host Johnathan Starling to ask him on air, please post them in the comments with your name, and we’ll pick out the best ones to ask the former Wimbledon player.

Jones is an accomplished actor and footballer. As a footballer, he was part of the ‘Crazy Gang’ at Wimbledon which famously won the FA Cup in 1988. He also played for Leeds United, Sheffield united, Chelsea and Queens Park Rangers. In international football, he earned nine caps for Wales and even captained the side.

He made his feature film debut in “Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels.” And has appeared in many other memorable roles in films such as “Snatch,” “X-Men,” “Swordfish,” “Gone In Sixty Seconds” and many more.

Please submit your questions before Thursday, January 29 at 5pm ET.


17 thoughts on “Vinnie Jones Interview: Questions Please”

  1. Hi Vinnie,

    What's your favourite footballer memory as a fan and as a player? Also do you have anymore films in the works (maybe a stint on "24" perhaps)? And what do you think football and actings has in common and how has that helped you in both careers and life? Amy life advice? Cheers m8!

  2. As someone with zero fucking talent what advice can you give to someone else looking to make some money who too has zero fucking talent

  3. Has being a convicted crim affected work?

    Serious question - i got done for selling fags to kids. which is bollocks it pays for nurses wages

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    c) i hope sucking off Ritchie last night was worth it

  5. Why did you continue to take your extortionate wages from qpr when you were shit and couldn't give a toss?

  6. Ignore these idiots.

    You may be a cunt to all football fans but plenty of us love you. And im sure you love tanya, despite her hair - at least she's natural

  7. Did you have a future acting career in mind when you were playing or was that something that just happened?

  8. How come you ended up playing for Wales and not the Republic, given your Irish connections?



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