New 09/10 Liverpool Away Shirt: New Picture Leaked


A new photograph has been leaked of Liverpool’s away shirt for the 2009/2010 season.

Manufactured by Adidas, the new Liverpool away jersey is black with gold trim. In the above photograph found on a Liverpool fan forum, the image shows a color pantone guide next to the shirt presumably to use for color correcting.

The photograph clearly shows the Carlsberg sponsor logo, gold trim and Liverpool club crest above the heart.

On January 20, EPL Talk featured a mockup of the Liverpool kit, created by the excellent Football Shirts website which looks very similar to the above image.

Thanks to Football Shirts for the above photograph.

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14 thoughts on “New 09/10 Liverpool Away Shirt: New Picture Leaked”

  1. i love it
    for once we can actually look nice with a nice away shirt
    im defo getting gerrard or torres on the back of it
    and a great chose of colours
    love it

  2. WOW! nice kit love it already , have to get that on the release date
    BIg change but i like it alot.. good work addias . lets hope Chelseas looks like a crock of SHIT!

  3. This kit is the bizz, rotate the white one through aswell through future seasons but i prefer that black one, nice touch usin the gold, great look. Just dont ever make the yellow, green or even the grey ones again, stick with black or white for thw away kits.

  4. real nice good for next season when we win the prem and champs leage i want to find out what the home jersey is like i will get torres or gerrard on the lfc for life

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