Fabio Doesn’t Break Character… Or Does He?

Courtesy of As.com

If I had any doubts as to George Metellus being Fabio Cappello’s lovechild, they ended after this video began to make its rounds on YouTube. Fabio Cappello left English fans thinking that he prepared the same way as Sven-Göran Eriksson.   Others looked at him as ¨Smooth Don Fabio¨ who has experience in social art of being at the something called a strip club.

This was the reverb after the former Real Madrid and current English national team boss appeared on Italia 1 show Chiambretti Night.   If he was a little apprehensive, I can give you one word- wifey.  He has been married to his current wife Laura for well over 40 years.

For those of you who had any doubts, Cappello did speak.  He was candid answering questions regarding  Ronaldo, the ¨perfect professional¨ David Beckham, as well as ¨funnyman¨ Antonio Cassano.  He also talked about his time at Juventus prior to La Vecchia Signora’s relegation due to Calciopoli.

Australian model Dana danced around him seductively and with his uncanny George Metellus-like smoothness, Cappello took in the view without having to sleep on the couch that night when he got home.  Hey, they don’t call him Don Fabio for nothing.

My only question how did Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb add to the mood dancing in the background?

I am not sure what you’d think… leave your opinion.  Here’s the vid.


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