US TV Schedule For Midweek Premier League Games

It’s one of those rare weeks in the Premier League where all twenty clubs are not playing in the Champions League, UEFA Cup, League Cup or FA Cup replays. Instead, it’s back to the Premier League for some major matches.

Here’s the TV schedule for today and tomorrow for readers in the United States:

Tuesday, January 27
West Brom v Man United, 2:45pm, Setanta Sports
Spurs v Stoke, 2:45pm, Setanta Xtra
Portsmouth v Aston Villa, 3pm, Fox Soccer Channel
Sunderland v Fulham, 5pm [tape delay], Fox Soccer Channel

Wednesday, January 28
Everton v Arsenal, 2:45pm, Setanta Sports
Chelsea v Middlesbrough, 2:45pm Setanta Xtra
Wigan v Liverpool, 2:45pm, Fox Soccer Channel
Manchester City v Newcastle United, 5pm [tape delay], Fox Soccer Channel
West Ham v Hull, 6:45pm [tape delay], Setanta Sports

There are some massive games on in the next 48 hours. The Spurs against Stoke match will give us a good indication of where Tottenham is right now and whether they have the fight to beat teams they should beat. And, if not, whether they’re doomed for relegation. The match should also see the debut of goalkeeper Carlo Cuducini after his free transfer from Chelsea.

Speaking of doom and gloom, Tony Adams will find out if his days are numbered as Pompey boss if his side lose at home against Aston Villa tonight. Portsmouth have to start winning matches. For Aston Villa, we’ll see how new signing Emile Heskey fits into the side and whether he can get a goal on his Villa debut.

Wednesday’s matches are equally intriguing. Let’s hope for an entertaining couple of days in the Premier League.

7 thoughts on “US TV Schedule For Midweek Premier League Games”

  1. Tony Adams will be our manager for the remainder of the season, good or bad. They have invested too much in him to not give him the chance to fail or succeed. With the three signings so far, and the rumor of Saviola on loan for the remainder of the season, the club is making an effort to improve despite the economic climate and the club's shaky financial situation.

    I don't think tonight's game will make that much difference. How we do against the bottom half of the table is much more important. Not only beating teams we need to beat, but denying them points they need to avoid relegation, is important.

  2. What's the deal with Setanta Xtra? Do many cable companies carry it? My FIOS service doesn't.

    Yet they put a primo game like Chelsea/Boro (Boro are flipping brilliant, Chelsea are lucky to be on the same pitch) on Xtra and with no replay, I don't get to see it.


  3. Paul, I have to disagree with you that the game would not made that much of a difference for Pompey. They look like relegation material and they need to scrape for every point whether it's against the teams in the upper half or the bottom.

    I'm quite fed up of hearing Tony Adams talking about how luck wasn't on his side again. He did it after tonight's loss against Villa. The sooner Adams gets the sack, the better. Otherwise Pompey will be playing Championship football next season. And I'll be sad to see them go.

    The Gaffer

  4. Tony Adams is in too far over his head. He's not top-flight manager material. If we survive to play in the premiership next season, it will be in spite of Tony Adams.

    While I would have liked to have a point or three off of Villa, I did not think it was realistic, so I was not disappointed to see the loss. We played pretty well, especially after Sol 'I'll just let the other team score' Campbell was substituted. Belhadj killed any real chance of scoring when he got sent off for being a prat.

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