FA Cup Fifth Round Draw Announced


The draw for the fifth round of the FA Cup has been announced, and here are the fixtures to be played over the weekend of February 14 and 15, 2009:

  • Sheffield United v Hull City
  • Watford v Chelsea
  • West Ham United v Middlesbrough
  • Sunderland/Blackburn v Coventry City
  • Derby/Nottingham Forest v Manchester United
  • Swansea City v Fulham
  • Liverpool/Everton v Doncaster/Aston Villa
  • Cardiff/Arsenal v West Brom/Burnley

What, for you, are the most interesting matches, and which ones do you think should be televised on TV? Click the comments link below and let us know.

Note: The draw for the fifth round of the FA Cup was televised on UK TV. Viewers in the United States had a very rare treat when they were able to watch the draw happening live on Setanta Sports USA. For those of you who caught it in the States, this may have been the first time you’ve seen the draw conducted live on television. If so, what did you think?

3 thoughts on “FA Cup Fifth Round Draw Announced”

  1. ahh yesss…memories of watching the draw on tele as a kid…today my 9 1/2year old son got to watch it on SelloTanta Sports and since I had to go out I had him watch it for me.
    When I got back he had it all written down on a notepad and was excited to share the ties with me…Watford upset he is calling and hoping for a cracking Derby/Man Utd game…
    a memory to treasure I can tell yiz…
    BTW this is a 9 1/2 year old Man United/real Football mad kid in kentucky, who around this time last year was asked by his schoolmates “did he watch the superbowl last night?” his response…I kid you not, was….”what's the superbowl?”

    brought a tear to my eye 😉

  2. In the previous two rounds this season there have been five matches televised in total in the UK: three on setanta and two on ITV

    so if that's the same this time the five televised ties should be:

    Watford v Chelsea
    Derby/Nottingham Forest v Manchester United
    Liverpool/Everton v Doncaster/Aston Villa
    Swansea City v Fulham
    Sheffield United v Hull City

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