New 09/10 Manchester United Home Shirt

manchester_united_1909-fa-cup-final.jpgManchester United’s new home shirt for the 2009/2010 season will be red with a large white v-shape sash down the front. Manufactured by Nike, the new shirt is a tribute to the Manchester United side that won its first FA Cup 100 years ago in the 1909 FA Cup Final when they beat Bristol City 1-0.

The shirt worn by United in the 1909 FA Cup Final was white with a large red v-shape sash down the front (pictured), but for the 2009/2010 Manchester United home shirt, the colors will be reversed.

The 1909 shirt worn by Manchester United was the brainchild of legendary United winger Billy Meredith. Before the 1909 FA Cup Final, it was realized that Man United and Bristol City had very similar football kits, so Meredith – who doubled as the club’s kit supplier and ran a sports shop – created the white shirt with red v-shape sash, and the rest is history.

Thanks to Historical Kits for the 1909 FA Cup final football kit design (pictured above). Read the interview with Historical Kits owner Dave Moor.

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Pre-Order The New Man United Home Kit Today

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110 thoughts on “New 09/10 Manchester United Home Shirt”

  1. I just hope this new kit doesn't affect their winning mentality.
    Football is not all about new kit but winning the matches no matter what you are putting on.

  2. It's a dreadful idea! They say it's the perfect way of celebrating 100 years of success, but the 1909 kit is being changed completely: the white jerseys will be red and the
    v-shape will be white. What's the point? It doesn't mean anything because it's so different. If history's that important, why not use the 1909 kit as an away kit? A red home kit with a white v-shape around the neck will not look like the 1909 kit; it'll look like a new style of kit that we have never worn before. It should be a plan red shirt with a white v-neck and white cuffs, all white shorts and black socks with red and white trim – simple!

  3. The actual kit will be RED with a white V on it. AIG will be United’s sponsor, as their contract ends at the begging of the 2010/2011 season. I presume that the shirt will have the up to date crest on it.

  4. I’d have to see the real deal, but I’m not feeling this concept.

    I’m all for history and own a few “throwback” jerseys myself, but this just looks FUGLY.

    Please keep the creativity to the third kit.

  5. Why dont they have a contest for fans to design a kit and use the winning entry for the design itself? That would be a direct transfer from the fans passion to the players themselves. I am feeling uneasy with AIG concerning the economic crisis…but whatever the reason for the upcoming design, I know one thing for sure, that we are already Quintuple Champions even before we put on the new kits for 2009/2010. Glory Glory Man United ALL THE WAY!!!

  6. The home kit isn’t as bad as you think — and not as awful as that picture above. It’s more of a chevron arrow than a sash and it doesn’t go further than the chest. Check this website for the new Man Utd away kit for next season and the home is the same, but red. Also, this is a “one season only” kit (home and away).

  7. that is the new kit but the reserve colours and the new sponsor is saudi telicom u fu*king amateurs………..get wiv it

  8. HUGE mistake. It’s nice to revive some history, but we have to keep in mind, we ARE making history, Manchester United the greatest football team yet….

    They should look into the future and not linger around the past. Come on Nike, give us a nice, fresh and good looking kit for us. Because the last thing I want is our boys running up to the pitch wearing what seems to me like little boys sailors’ outfits. (Not saying kits back then were bad, but honestly they look bad compared to current standards.)

  9. i think the new home shirt doesnt look that bad nad will be buying it when it cums out becuase it dont care wha they look like as long as i am showing my support 4 Manchester united the greatest team ever so it doesnt really matter what style the shirt is.Manchester united fc till i die…

  10. adoi dogo….. punya taruk punya baju Man United ni….. macam baju budak tadika….. siapa punya idea ni?….. Conform always lose with this new Kit…..

  11. It isn’t about the kit its about the BADGE and what the badge represents. No matter what the kit looks like as a true and proud man-utd fan i would walk down the street in it!!!

  12. This jersey would be nice to wear for one game but for a whole year? I want something I can wear around. I wouldn’t a lace jersey. Also wouldn’t it be uncomfortable?



  14. i hate this shirt. Man U con design a much better shirt then this……. i wouldnt buy this or wear it ……..

  15. Hmmm. Not bad idea. Erm, will it still be sponsered by AIG or Saudi Telecom?? I’m with any kit as long as nike are manufacturing it – and don’t feel obliged to buy it just because you ‘support man-utd’ because really you are showing your support towards the nike corporation! the BEST sportwear manufacturer along with adidas (F the rest!). It’s what they do in it that counts – I just hope the boys find it comfortable and stylish, which is what nike always deliver!! I’ll probably be getting it, but not until it is £39.99…….

  16. hahaha i love this new man u kit. it actually makes the new chelsea one look good so congratulations to the designer, you have achieved the impossible!
    i cant wait to see ronaldo, rooney and the rest of your over rated petulant prima donnas looking like complete idiots in this shirt. hahahahahaha……….

  17. who would be seen wearin the new manchester united kit out in the city and when they go out somewhere, i think you would make a fool out of yourself. i think some of the players will be disgusted with what they have to wear next season!

  18. Curious, are they going to have a 3rd for road games at Sunderland (assuming they survive) or Stoke? I can’t see them having to use either a primary red or white strip there.

  19. i hope its a really nice top if got all the man-utd tops im gonna try to get the first top man-utd it the best no one is better then them
    good luck man-utd.


  20. After reading some, okay loads, of comments by people who don’t like the proposed new united kit! I just want to say I like it, it looks so different from any other kit out there, and honouring a team who won our first trophy!

  21. Im a UNITED fan but HELL NO!!!!!!!!! IT MUST GO AND CRAP at the KOP END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I think its a disgrace

  22. I love man u but this strip is awfull, it’s not just about the badge it’s about walking with ur head held high & supporting the team u love. U want to wear it with pride not ashamed .
    There must b a better design than this one plz

  23. shall we sing a song for you
    Airdrie airdrie airdrie,

    airdrie airdrie airdrieeee,

    airdrie airdrie airdrie,

    airdrie err-da-ree!

  24. This strip is exactly the same colours and design of Airdrie United Football Club
    It is not a V we call it a diamond. Cracking strip

    Nice strip pity about the team

  25. This has to be the worst Man U jersey i seen so far!…Its (FUGLY)
    The fans expect the best football club in the world to wear the best uniform also not the worst!….Sorry i have to give it a 4 thumbs down (counting my toes)….Go Machester!!!!

  26. This is an ugly kit. The champions of the world should wear something more up to date and decent than this,how could nike design something so ugly for the champions.08/09 kit was nice I would have expected something much more better than this. Go Manchester United though!

  27. what are they thinking? designing this type of jersey. my god! its freaking ugly. come on Nike! u can do better than that! go old school with a better look. not the big V on the front.

  28. i heard that SAUDI TELECOM is gonna be man utd sponsors next season..they gonna have a big saudi telecom logo replacin AIG…rumours..dnt know whether its true..

  29. I’m sure there was a statement from United not too long ago saying they will use the ‘V’ design but on the home shirt. Why commemorate an AWAY shirt from 100 years ago by using it on a home shirt?

    Unless they are used on both?

    Theres some pictures of an away one going around. The one with the laces and “Saudi Telecom looks awful in my opinion and is hopefully fake. What do you think of this one…

    1. united is the best team in the world lar……….and arsenal suckssssssssss…………..hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…its true…hahahahahahahahahaha…

      1. arsenals top is 10 times better than man utd’s. man utd are the ones that suck there nothing without ronaldo and tevez and why sign owen he belongs in the championship with newcastle!

  30. Too sad to be true… :( But what the hell! If it’s got the team crest on it, I’ll get it!!! Go united!!!

    1. it dosnt matter how it looks…as long as its man united it rockz…hahaha…glory glory man united…

  31. I work for a major soccer retailer and my boss has seen the official new United home and away kits after meeting with a Nike representative, and he said this kit isn’t authentic.

    My boss said that while both the home and away kits will indeed have the controversial retro “V,” it will be in black on the home kit, while the away kits will not be white at all, but black. Also, the home kits won’t have a retro collar, but a simple black-piped round neck. He said that this leaked photo is very similar to the one the Nike representative showed him:

    The publishers of will be happy to know that this image is the same one that Nike forced them to take down from their website, so it probably is a photo of the actual kit, most likely taken by a factory worker in Asia, where Nike has them made.

    And for additional evidence, check out this official Nike promotional image that was probably leaked by an employee:

  32. i want to join west brom, they are a brilliant team and they are going to win the premiership next season
    WEST BROM !!


  34. mate ….how can west brom win the premiership if the jus got relegated…
    and this site is for winners so that meeans you cant right here

  35. how can the best team after barcelona wear a jersey that the relagation team can not wear that is rubish jersey they must change it . MANU4LIFE

  36. If the linked picture is correct man u’s kit doesnt suprise me looks fancy but will probably fade out … most of thier players .. apart from rooney true footballer with true passion

  37. it might not be nicest shirt in the world but its got our badge on it so i looovvveeesss it………united til i die!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. im sorry but if that is the new man united i will not buy it, its horrilbe P.S. let ronaldo go his loss

  39. im sorry but if that is the new man united i will not buy it, its horrilbe P.S. let ronaldo go his loss and again this aint the home shirt coz our home shirt is red

  40. united!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why sell ronaldo….what ever your still the best…………..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  41. these jesey are ausum. wat yous on about guys i love it really with al my heart. my girlfriend anita got it for me isn she lovely. ses a wee bit on the plump side but i got around her……………………………………../////////////………././././././././././././././././././././/./././../././././././.././././././././././././/././

  42. west brom got relegated they will only win the premier league when
    my dad converts 2 a chelsea fan

    btw he is arsenal 4ever and i am che;lsea

  43. c.ronaldo will not success at real madrid..hahahahahahahaha…..go jose antonio valencia……you will success with the glory united team……

  44. manu is my dream team….no regrets for ronaldo transfer….prepare for 4th consecutive epl title………..nilanjan

  45. please dont change the jersey……………………plz………………………………………………………………………………….plz

  46. e.van der sar,sergio ramos,rio ferdinand,nemanja vidic,patrice evra,j.a.valencia,s.keita,m.carrick,??????????????,w.rooney,m.owen…………..who will replace ?????????????

    One day a manchester man was sick of having children with his wife and went to the doctor and siad doc”is there anything you can give me to stop me having kids?” the doctor than siad”Put a firework in this and count to ten” as he handed the man a tin can.The perplexed man siad”does it really work?”.The doctor replied “definitly!”.So later that night he went out in his back garden and lit the firework put it in the can and started to count.When he got up to five he put iit bbetween his legs to continue counting with his other hand.HAHAHA stupid manchester;also works in liverpool,hull,leeds and newcastle.COME ON ARSENAL!!!!!!

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