Poll: Is Kaka Going to Manchester City?

British newspapers are reporting that Manchester City are considering an incredible $197 million bid to sign AC Milan’s Kaka. It seems that the Abu Dhabi United Group are quite adamant about signing Kaka, but will AC Milan relent? Vote now.

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6 thoughts on “Poll: Is Kaka Going to Manchester City?”

  1. Kaka standing up and saying that it's not about the incredible wad of cash they are offering but playing for and being (eventually) the captain of one of the most storied clubs in world football would go a long way to restoring my confidence in athletes.

    I really hope he turns them down because he wants to stay at Milan.

  2. Hope Kaka doesnt do it for the money.. but for the love of the game… so he should stay were his fan's love him most…. AC MILAN

  3. I think kaka is an excellent player and he should stay where he is most appreciated so therefore i think he should stay at AC Milan.But if he does go to man city i think he is going just because of the unbelievable amount of money being offered to him.(I would do that too)

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