Manchester City Raise Kaka Bid To £243 Million


Manchester City has reportedly raised their bid for Kaka to £243 million in the hopes of securing the Brazilian attacking midfielder from AC Milan, according to The Sun newspaper.

The £243 million deal breaks down to:

  • £108 million for AC Milan.

  • £108 million for the superstar’s wages including taxes. Kaka will be paid a NET salary of £13.28m a year which breaks down to £255,000 a week take-home.

  • £27m in commission to brokers, middle-men and signing-on fees.

If AC Milan and Kaka can agree terms with Manchester City, the £13.28 million annual net salary will be close to Alex Rodriguez’s salary. The New York Yankees third baseman is paid £18.96 million gross per year.

The aggressive pursuit of Kaka by Manchester City owners Abu Dhabi United Group is sure to raise concerns at UEFA and FIFA headquarters. In the next few days expect Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini to publicly scorn the move by Manchester City, and how they’ll lament that City are ruining the game.

It seems that the only person who can stop Kaka from joining Manchester City is Kaka himself after AC Milan have given permission for Manchester City to speak with one of the world’s top footballers.

Despite the sickening salary offer, I would love to see Kaka join Manchester City. The player would add a much-needed flair to the Premier League as well as solidifying the league as the top in the world. It would also be a huge step to move City closer to breaking into the top four monopoly in the Premiership, and would add a ton of excitement to an already dramatic league.

For the Abu Dhabi United Group, it would be another trophy player to show the world they’re revolutionizing the game of football. By signing the Brazilian, the club is sending a message to the world that it means business and nothing is going to stop them from making their club the most entertaining team on the planet.

Sure, even if City acquires Kaka, the club has a long way to go and plenty of weakspots, especially in defense. Currently, the club sits just four points from the bottom of the Premier League and needs a massive influx of new players to resuscitate a dire team.

If Manchester City do pay £108 million to AC Milan, it’ll smash the most expensive transfer fee in football history when Zinedine Zidane joined Real Madrid from Juventus in 2001 for £46 million.

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17 thoughts on “Manchester City Raise Kaka Bid To £243 Million”

  1. hope kaka signs forget he price good luck mcfc . top 4 full of the green eyed monster if this was man ure fc the press and media would have a different stance nobody can deny the blue army loyal fans after years in the back ground playing second fiddle tothe rags

  2. I hope Kaka stays in Milan so that he can fulfill his stated dream of growing old there and being the captain someday.

  3. I think Kaka is a wonderful player but I keep thinking what other cast of talent you could you get for the £108 m ? And once you pay so much for a single player, how do you ever get a reasonable price for a player again?

  4. Ls7 is right – Manchester City buying Kaka from Milan is going to do more for Milan than it will for City. Given that Robinho left Madrid for 32m, couldn't Milan now replace Kaka with 3 Robinho's (or maybe 2 Robinho's and a Beckham…) and still have, oh, 12m left over? Absurd.

  5. I think Man City views this not only as trying to get one of the premier players in the world, but as a status thing. Whether anyone else besides the media cares is another story.

    I can't see this Man City experiment ending well, no matter how much money the group has.

  6. Kaka is one of the best players in the world – and one of the most humble. If anyone's worth it, he is.

    I really don't understand the uproar – City is doing nothing different from what Chelsea did several years ago. In my mind, they can buy whoever they want and spend as much as they want – an influx of talent like Kaka and Robinho into the PL is only going to make the league more exciting.

    As for those who are worried about their teams' “rightful place” being usurped by City, remember that they are still near the bottom of the table after spending a ton of money in the summer. An unbalanced gang of offensive stars that can't play together isn't going to do you much good – in short, money doesn't guarantee success.

    If they had any sense, they'd invest in a few world-class defenders before they went splurging on Kaka and De Jong…

  7. Seeing that “the Sun” had this story, I checked the front page of their web site. Lily Allen has a third nipple, and in the US Air crash story, they have a map that shows where the plane hit the geese. Except it is in the middle of Queens. Totally wrong and would have been impossible for the plane to land how it did… I couldn't look further.

    Why not post a story based on the Daily Express, something like 'immigrants ruin football”

    cause yes, Kaka wants to provide service for Bellars and Vassel. and if it does go through, the whole I belong to Jesus bit will be thrown out the window, cause he'd belong to agents, and greed.

  8. City are also apparently chasing Nigel de Jong which could address their holding midfield situation and allow Kompany to move to centre-back if they go with only one holding midfielder and play a lone striker supported by four offensive-minded mids/wingers. I think Richards has often tried to let his athleticism compensate for a lack of good positioning when playing as a central defender. This has also affected Dunne's play this season. Richards would then be battling with Bridge or Zableta for a fullback role.

  9. i hope this deal as “reported” goes though. citeh are hardly consistent and i can't imagine that bringing in this sort of player under these circumstances will settle the remaining squad. the manager must know he's on borrowed time and so must the players.

    they're only 4 points above relegation. wouldn't it be interesting to see what happens with the new owners and new superstar players if they have to drop to the championship??

    actually, scrap that. i really don't want to see city travel this path. i genuinely want the likes of villa, everton, city, spurs, newcastle et al to be seriously challenging the top four to the point that we can stop talking about this “top 4” bullshit. there's a right way to approach that and a wrong way. as smug as it might sound, villa are approaching it the right way. citeh, not so much.

    kkfla737, i echo your sentiments.

  10. the thing is that this transfer is totally worthless…i mean, if i was kaka,, i'd stay at milan, since milan still has a chance at winning trphies, not unlike city, which is already out of reach for trophies this season, unless they can somehow challenge for the title…btw, i think that city has a lot of talents in their squad..they only to recruit good players with a lot smaller price tags..i hate to see talents in city go to waste. what'll happen to them if this transfer goes through eh? villa n everton already proven that to break the top 4, u need quality, and cheap but full of quality players these days is not really hard to find..just look at how arsenal play in the transfer market these last few seasons…

  11. Don't be ignorant, all this rubbish about city being relegation material, yes they are struggling to challenge the top 8 right now but the arab owners have made it VERY clear that this is a project they intend to take a few years, Kaka is just the beginning mark my words.

    If you was in the same position to accept or decline Kaka in your team and since money is no object we can scrap that worry so you'd have to be pretty stupid to say no.

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