Copa del Rey Quarters

 The Copa del Rey got its draw for the quarterfinals and there are some intriguing matchups.  Four of the last Copa del Rey winners are still in the race as well as the winningest club in this tournament.

images-41.jpg Barcelona-Espanyol  images-171.jpg

The big matchup right now is is the Catalan derby being played out.  Espanyol is motivated to obtain some revenge after the fiasco at the Olimpic Montjuic that saw Lionel Messi run off the pitch and the game become tarnished yet once again.

images-51.jpgValencia- Sevilla images-19.jpg

Another matchup that will draw a great deal of interest is the one that sees the last two Copa winners face off.  Valencia looks to take another step towards defending their title.

Other Matchups…

images-161.jpg Betis- Mallorca images-61.jpg

sporting-gijon-128x128.pngSporting- Athletic images-151.jpg

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