Manchester United Announce 2009 Asia Summer Tour

man-utd-asia-tour-2009.jpgManchester United has announced that the club will be playing several friendlies in Asia during the summer of 2009.

The projected dates for the summer tour, as of press time, are:

  • Malaysia – July 18, Malaysia XI v Man United
  • Indonesia – July 20, Indonesia XI v Man United
  • Korea – July 24, FC Seoul v Man United
  • China – July 26, Greentown FC v Man United

Manchester United will depart for Asia on July 16.

In the summer of 2008, Man United toured South Africa and Nigeria instead of Asia. The last time the Red Devils had a preseason tour in Asia was 2007. However, the 2009 summer tour marks the fifth time in the last decade that the club has toured Asia.

Not surprisingly, Man United’s 2009 summer tour is very similar to Chelsea’s 2008 summer tour where the Blues visited China, Macau and Kuala Lumpur. It’s not surprising because both clubs employed the same Asian football promoter, ProEvents.

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137 thoughts on “Manchester United Announce 2009 Asia Summer Tour”

  1. Keep believing on what you hear and read in the press. How many times does Ronnie himself have to say he is staying at Man United before you believe him?

  2. MU vs Indonesia.. ada yg punya info tiketnya g???
    For anyone that has any information about the ticket, please help me… specially hoe to get it.. thx

  3. Harga tiketny brp? Belinya dmn??! Please ksh tau ke email saya.. Saya nx pekalongan,jd sulit bgt bt cri info abt it. Please!!

  4. i hope can meet with cr7…..
    because some people tell me : “hai bob, ….you are twin with cr7, sure ….face,playing,and specialy yr smile. we can’t distinguish…! ”
    need a evidence ? call me to it….

  5. is it 24th or 20th July in indonesia?
    because i read in indonesian’s blog that there will be on 20th July in indonesia.
    (sumpah ga sabar bgt mau nonton itu) huhhuhuhu.

  6. Ticket price for Indonesia All-Star Vs Manchester United.
    For VVIP, the event organizer says about Rp3.500.000,-
    Standart class I to III are about from Rp100.000,- to Rp350.000,-

  7. ad yg mo beliin gw tiketny gk??? gilllaaa .. bt org indonesia mhal bgd tw 3,5 jt, kn qta2 biasa nonton bola yg hrgany antara 5.000-35.000, plingn kl international event sekitar 250.000 paling mhal jg … ni mh 3,5 jt .. emg bkln byk y yg nonton .. murahin dunkz .. kn malu jg klo yg nontonny dikit, apa kta dunia??!!!!

  8. gila,mahal pisan euy tiket na,tp keun lah paling nntn na di luhur anu 100an hehe..
    Yg penting bisa nyemangatan indo..
    Sugan we bisa ketemu langsung jeung MU..

  9. Nanti akan di launch diawal May 2009, para peminat penonton MU vs Indonesia Selection. EO sedang mewujudkan keinginan anda. Tks

  10. Brapa harga Tiketnya ??????????? mohon dikasih tau
    dimana tiket itu bs d bli ? ? ?
    oi,,, w pengen bgt nonton langsung nih,abang gw

  11. How can i get/buy tickets Malaysia vs. Manchester United at Bukit Jalil stadium on july,18 2009? can buy online?how much is the price?
    You quick reply is highly appreciated,thanks.

  12. ahhhh please…..i want to buy the tickets a.s.a.p……….i dont care the price of the tickets………..even each for RM1k,i’m willing to buy…please let me know

  13. i want to buy mu vs indonesia ticket, but i don’t know why. I read an indonesian blog, they say you can get it from an AIG agent. Help me!!!!
    if you get the ticket please inform me at:
    (i want the first class)

    1. ade sape2 nk jual 2 tickets man u vs msia berharga 98 or 308 kt i x?..nak sgt ni..sape2 berminat nk jual ticket tu..pls text me….plssssss…

    1. I have the Ticket Manchester United Asian Tour 2009 in Malaysia for sale.

      The Tickets priced at RM 98 (Green Gate) and Free Training Passes Included on Friday 17 July at Bukit Jalil National Stadium, Saturday 18 July at 17:30 local time

      This tickets sale about RM 140 , Now I have only 19 tickets available. If you all interested in. Pls drop me a message at

      Thank you.

  14. MU vs Malaysia Ticket available at (22 May to 31 May)
    – Al-Ikhsan Plaza Bukit Bintang
    – Al-Ikhsan Alamanda Putrajaya
    – Al-Ikhsan Sunway Pyramid
    – Al-Ikhsan Plaza Alam Sentral
    – Al-Ikhsan Subang Parade
    – Al-Ikhsan Queensbay Mall Pulau Pinang
    – Al-Ikhsan AEON Tebrau City
    – Al-Ikhsan East Coast Mall Kuantan

  15. well my dream is coming true of seeing my team MAN UTD ….
    wen will MANU be in china and where to get the ticket?
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….let us know…i dont want to miss this opportunity…

  16. wewww . keren jg tuhh mu k indonesiaa .. hhee gw udh pesen tikettt .. seneng bgtt .. walaupun g terlalu suka mu ,, experience laahhh . hwhha . [:

  17. hey hey singapore..i know of this cheap tour for the man utd vs malaysia game. only sgd$109 u-turn trip. only 400 tickets. first come first serve.remember, the liverpool match with singapore, cheapest tix is sgd$68. so i think this one is reasonable. call ipc tours at 6338 5772, ask for ravin

  18. I just bought my 3D2N package @ Konsortium and I received my tickets + training pass already!!! WOoo-HOooo!!! My match ticket is RM308…with 2 nites stay at Concorde Hotel + transfer from hotel to stadium and back (both training and matchday) + free matchday t-shirt!!! Day tripper, 2D1N also available!! Anyone wanna join me can visit their website or call their hotline @ 6392 5000…Can’t wait to see Ronaldo live in action!!!

  19. kawan stanah air…….mari kita dkung pnampilan IAL ngelawan si setan merah.
    bthewe…..dmn gue bsa beli tiketnya????

  20. liverpool are crap what about the match against chelsea 7-5.
    cfc 3 – 1 lfc
    lfc 4 – 4 cfc
    lfc 5 – 7 cfc ____________________
    [ ********** MUFC**********]

  21. I t would be my dream to watch MU play in Malaysia. I have been seen twice they play here. I love to c Vidic score with his head.

  22. I think Malaysia will be gone to trashing MU atleast by 3-0. I am still looking to buy a ticket but still havent got yet. ANYBODY CAN HELP ME WHERE CAN I GET THE TICKET PLEASE !!!!!!!

  23. Does anyone know WHO is coming from United?
    If you do please reply and say.
    glory glory man united!

  24. I need 2 tickets of the man utd vs M’sia, pls drop me a email if anyone could advise me how could I get it.

  25. hey guys… i have 2 tickets RM 58…. but gonna sell both for RM 150… any1 interested contact or msg me at 014-3885664

  26. I have 02 tciket RM68.00 blue gate. any1 interested? last min need to go for business trip … so need to sell the ticket urgently..
    pls sms me at 012-3103111.

  27. sesape yang malaysia to…beringat sikit…
    mu to lawan kite…..korang jgnlah jatoh kan permain malaysia kesian tau..
    semlm aku tgk kebanyak kan…org malaysia semuenye pakai baju FC MU.
    ape cer….tak kesian ke dekat permain malaysia…
    tanah air kite sendiri beb…
    so korang sokong lah malaysia……..malaysia ni aman dan damai ok.


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